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    WE ARE SELLING ALL OF OUR BREEDER AND BABY SKINNY PIGS AND CARRIERS FEMALES proven pink/black female skinnypig with pedigree £85 proven pink/black female skinny pig £80 2x 12 week old female black/pink skinnypigs £80 9x proven adult female carriers (all have been with a male skinny pig or...
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    I have 2 DEW sknny carrier sows for sale They are 9 weeks old. Mum is a DEW skinny Carrier and dad i my swedish imported Himilayan Boar Thy come with full pedigree and some changeover food the eyes are not red it was the flash that caused themto look red
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    I have 3 gorgeous Skinny Carrier Boars left for sale. Very well handled from birth by myself and my 2 autistic children. I watched them being born, it was amazing!! They are priced at £30 each and will be ready in 4 weeks time. All come with an extensive pedigree and Gerty Guinea Pig food for...
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    After all the waiting, I finally have some skinny pig carriers and 1 skinny pig for sale. Mixture of boars and sows. The Skinny pig is a boar. :flrt::flrt: They are all being handled daily by my children so will make excellent pets. I mostly breed skinny pig to carrier to make the babies...
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    Hi im looking for skinny pigs and have been searching every where but still haven't found any and was wondering if anyone on here could help it would be much appreciated not fussed about sex or couler and would perfer young but slightly older ok too thanx kris
1-5 of 5 Results