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carrot tail
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    It is adjusted to Iphone display.
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    This is my boy shadow...soon to be a daddy two different girls :gasp:!! HAHA! He loves to pose for the camera so here he is! And just cause I love how his colour just carries on into his lovely little carrot tail Thanks for looking :flrt:
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    Hi, I am looking to buy my girlfriend a super hypo tangerine carrot tail female at kempton. Any age lizard considered, just message me info and price. Many thanks.
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    Beautiful Carrot Tail, Vibrant in co lour, 3ft Vivarium + Small divider as shown to make 2 levels! Heat mat Temp Control / Thermostat Rep-ti Lighting unit + tube Fresh sand. Temp Clock. 2 Hides 2 water dishes 1 Tree trunk to climb. fake plants. Everything is in NEW condition and very clean...
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    I have two lovely Leopard geckos for sale both hatched july/august 2010 and are both ready for thier first breeding season if required. Sorry about the pictures but i only have my mobile camera which isnt very good. First is a Large chunky MALE Mack Snow, very tame great to handle:mf_dribble...
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    A few years ago my first goal breeding two leos was to make colourful leoapard geckos with bright orange carrot tails. I had a nice tangerine female and a bright high yellow male the same two that created the Super Hypos i used to create the Firewaters. For three years i had no improvement on...
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    This a 100% carrot tail tangerine tornado from tug. I good friend of mine bought it from tug with a few other geckos. Lets just say it cost a few pennies:whistling2: Anyway i love it and will hopefully be in line for a couple of babies in the future. So does it do it for you as i can...
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    I need to make space for some new racks in the near future, and I need to clear some space for vivs. I have a pair of female leopard geckos (breeding size) and their viv for sale. Here are the details: *0.2 leopard geckos (Eublepharis macularius) - bought under no particular morph, but I...
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    Has anyone got a breeding pair of : Carrot Tail S.H.T.C.T. (Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tails). Engima's Blizzard Normals If they are breeding weight and size please PM me, I would collect within 40 miles of CM14 address :)
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    im trying to sell my 8 month old female carrot tail leopard gecko with or without all its housing and equipment, thermostat the lot. ive had my carrot tail leopard gecko for just over 2 months and my vivarium for about 4 weeks. im trying to sell the entire lot for £100 buyer collects or the...
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    Well grown on, 14 available from this season.Hypo carrot tails, hypos, normals het albino and 1 albino available. All temp sexed male
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    All temp sexed male...Some will be ready in two weeks.#5 will reserve...Feeding on crickets and mealworms. #20 for normal 100% het Talbino #25 for hypo 100% het Talbino #30 for Talbino Male Talbino Female parents 3 together Hatchlings - pics taken today - Take your pick!..Although only 1...
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    Hi, Just looking for a breeding pair of carrot tail leos, would like to be someone local within 25 miles ish of my CM14 postcode but I dont mind going further distances. If you have a female or male, breeding age, weight and size please let me know. However would prefer if they were a pair...
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    just got a female super hypo tangerine carrot tail leopard gecko <--(bit of a mouthful) and need a name quick?
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    Here are some of this years collection that are and will soon be available for sale. All are eating well. Will sex them and update post as soon a posisble. Not sure what prices to put so for now will put a price and see what comes back. slight orange colour mixed in with the yellow. £25 ono...
1-15 of 15 Results