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caulker cay dwarf boa
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    ok, well I am a recent convert to dwarf boas...I have always had full sized BCI pretty much...and have had a couple of BCC over the years, but always overlooked the dwarfs...that was until I recently got a female sonoran, and I have to admit I am truly smitten! :lol2:....I am really not that up...
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    we have available a cb10 pair of extremely sought after caulker cay boas. one of the rarest boas in captivity and on eof the true dwarfs that only reach 3-5ft. not a true anery, but almost with just slight speckling of pinks pm or ring for more info £450 the pair. will not split, and no...
  3. Snakes
    One of my Caulker Cay BCI's shed today and as it doesn't happen very often I thought I would take the opportunity to get some photos of the little one. And a few of the others shed this week too ... Nicaraguan T+ Albino (one of this years hold backs) Hogg Island Male Hogg...
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    Hi i can get a male around 2 ft - 2.5 ft tame as can be good strike feeder for £120 is that a decentt price how much do they go for??? should i snap this oppatunity up :)? let me know what you think ;)
1-4 of 4 Results