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    Hi, Reluctant sale of my lovely holdback female pastel 100% het pied ball python,bred by myself in 2015 from a high white pied X pastel het pied pairing (JKR line). Hatched: 21/8/15 Current weight: 1.5 kgs Good temperament & handles well. Good defrost strike feeder (prefers multi's). Laid last...
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    Free Courier to anywhere in Mainland UK for this awesome ***9792; Lesser Pastel £102
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    CB15 Hognose Snakes For Sale: - 2 Male albino anacondas £220 each. - Male anaconda het albino £100. - Female albino £60. - 3 Het Albinos £30 (2 Female, 1 Male). Pics to follow.
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    Three Brazilian Rainbow Boas 10 months old, all feeding very well and as with this breed they all look gorgeous. Have been putting off selling them because I really like these babies but I should find them good homes :) £75 each. The photo is a bit old, they are all about 2ft long and bulking...
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    Last 2 baby corn snakes for sale feeding well on defrosted pinkies asking for £20 each
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    I have a cb15 male phantom royal for sale.Bred by myself.He has had 10 + defrost feeds. Doing everything he should.Now ready for a new home. Any questions let me know. 1.0 Phantom Defrost rats / mice 145g £ 50
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    Hatchlings Cb15 Female blackpewter £180 (part assist ,not ready) Female pastave £180 (part assist ,not ready) Female black bee £200 (ready to go) Female black widow £300 (ready to go) Cb14 Female normal £40 Older Royals Proven 2.2 kg female pastel £200 Proven male normal £35 Proven 2.1 kg...
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    These stunners are up for grabs. Advertising on behalf of a friend that currently doesn't have access to the internet. All strike feed on defrost. CB15 snakes. Captive bred in the UK. Males Mimosa £ 250 Champagne 66% het Ghost £ 100 Orange Ghost £ 55 Jigsaw 66% het Albino £ 140 Pastel...
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    After a long time researching, then getting my set up together, I am finally ready to find my first royal python. I have a budget of around £200 to include courier if too far to easily travel, although this may go up after christmas if I have not found one by then. I am not fussy about gender...
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    Hi there, Just starting a fresh thread with my last two available Emperor's (pastel x lesser x pinstripe).Bred by myself. Sire was an Emperorpin 100% het Orange ghost (proven), so both of these snakes are 50% poss het for Orange ghost. Both are fantastic feeders - always eager to...
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    Hi All, Up for sale is this awesome power house CB15 male BANANA BUMBLEBEE :mf_dribble: He's had 12 feeds up to now and is growing like a weed :2thumb: he has no wobble and is getting better and better with every shed. The pictures was taken around a week old, due to him been in...
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    Hi there, I have the following ball pythons ready for sale - all nice quality and all bred by myself: 1.1 Emperor pins (pastel x lesser x pinstripe) 1.1 Lesser pastels 1.0 kingpin (lesser x pinstripe) All were hatched mid September/early October, and all are strike feeding well on...
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    I have a job lot of royals I hatched in August, surplus to my plans, take the group for £400 1.0 pastel enchi 50% poss het albino 2.1 pastel 50% het albino 2.0 reduced normal 50% het albino 0.2 normals That's 8 animals for £400 25% non refundable deposit will hold, buyer collect or I can...
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    For Sale CB15 Pastel Calico Female Currently weighs 100g Bred by ourselves here at Rskl Reptiles Eating defrost rat fluffs like a champ £200 ono Local Delivery Available Based in Spalding Lincolnshire
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    CB15 GHI female currently feeding on defrost rats and doing everything she should. Supplied with feeding records and parents can be seen.
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    Pickup in Norfolk, or possibility of delivery to Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, North London or Devon (depending on where you live and mutual availability). 50% of price of gecko required to reserve. Photos available on request.Willing to do deals on multiples. ADULTS Female...
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    If 50% deposit is paid by 10:30pm tonight and 50% paid on collection at Doncaster Show tomorrow, 25% off any of these awesome animals! Photos available, won't upload here. ADULTS Female Super Snow, £50 Approx 3 years old Proven Breeder (produced some nice babies this year and last year, as...
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    CB15 Arabesque Boas, males and females available. Collection Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Payment plans available. Couple pics below, more on request.
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    CB15 common boas, males and females available. Born june. Selection below, more pics on request. collection HuddersfieLd. £35
1-19 of 28 Results