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    i have several coastal carpet pythons for sale, 4 which are ready for new homes now as have had multiple feeds. The remaining 3 will be available once they are feeding confidently. Pictures can be sent if requested. Can deliver if delivery is not too far and at no extra cost. Pm for further...
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    Built using alcove in my house. Used 4ft greenhouse heater under floor £36, vented in front and to interior of viv via a false flue. Doors are 2 interior doors purchased from Ebay £30. 100W Ceramic heater top right. 2 florescent 3ft strip lights 1 blue 1 white. Light switches fitted above doors...
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    soon i will be starting to cycle my carpets for breeding purpose i plan to leave them together for the five days in the week and separate at weekends during the cooler months, could i use the weekends as an opportunity to offer smaller prey items to feed them ? literally like a rat wiener or do...
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    so i posted a thread the other day asking for advice about breeding ball python morphs as this is something i would like to do in the future. currently i do own both a male and female coastal carpet python so iv'e decided to breed these together first to gain some experience before i breed ball...
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    Full set up 3ft beach vivarium – viv 36L x 16D x 18H (Optional unsexed 2yr old 3.5ft Coastal carpet Python either sold separately or with viv, healthy, nice markings, strike feeds and poos/sheds fine, good temperament, excellent display snake as it sits out in the branches after T time...
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    Unsexed 2yr old 3.5ft Coastal carpet Python healthy, nice markings, strike feeds and poo's/sheds fine, good temperament, excellent display snake as it sits out in the branches after T time every day. CCP is now £40 for quick sale Any questions, feel free to ask, I'm just looking for a...
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    CBo8 male CCP, 6/7 ft long. Bought it as a CCP but unsure if it is a pure coastal, still a stunning snake though.
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    I'm Selling my breeding pair of Coastal's Both handle great She is proven, 8ft. eat. shed and now poo's fine.... she has just had an op due to a calcium block impaction... her wound has healed perfect and she has been given a clean bill of health from the vet and has been passing urine and poo...
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    1.1 Coastal Carpet pythons available. Took these as part of a trade, and can't really accomodate thier adult size so open to cash offers, or swap the pair for a single, smaller (when adult) snake, inc smaller carpets, prefer females. Male (pictured) is well grown on, handleable, striking on...
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    Last night I drop fed my large female Coastal Carpet Python (Morelia spilota mcdowelli), as normal. Due to a shed, she was a little hungrier than normal, and, as is normal with the male, very focussed on movement. She missed the rat and carried on following me. Concerned that the prey item would...
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    hi all for sale is my 2010 coastal carpet female both the parents are coastal but apparently the dad has some sort of cross in him down the line. she eats sheds and poos fine absolutly stunning snake sad to see her go but need the cash give me a txt on 07810433327 or pm me for anymore info...
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    Can this be done? Yes/ No/Yes, but with caution? (Adults, possibly 1:1) If yes, what size viv?
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    For sale is our female ccp. She was proven with previous owner, but not with ourselves as we have no mate for her. Unfortunately, due to restrictions in room I am having to make this difficult decision. She is a fantastic snake, super feeder, no problems shedding, and she has a super nature...
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    adult female coastal carpet wanted, cash or possible trades waiting
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    Today when i got up i want to check on my ill CCP. I picked him up and he was limp, lifeless and barely breathing.. After a visit with the vet it was decided that the best thing for him would be to put him to rest. After ready what has happened in the past with snakes going to the vet to be...
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    I have 2 Coastal Carpet Pythons (Morelia spilota mcdowelli), and I'm looking to improve the display in the vivs;most particularly by providing improved illumination. I know there are several schools of thought in this area, but would love to hear Morelia keeper views on this subject in...
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    Was told she might do this when I bought her but to date this is the first time we've caught her trying to take up the classic GTP pose. Not quite so elegant and sharp as her cousins but then she is a chunky 8ft! Been a little while since I posted pics of Kima so it's just an excuse really!
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    7 wks ago I fell in love and purchased a 7ft+ female CCP. She hadn't been handled during the 7 months she'd lived in the reptile shop and prior to getting her I'd only had a CF10 royal and soft-as-soap corn. I questioned the wisdom of jumping into the unknown with her but everyone here...
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    hi all, i have for sale a gorgeous female coastel carpet python. she is 10/11ft eats like a pig sheds perfectly, she is a big soppy gir and loves to come out and have a wander i have bred from her once but aslas im moving on to other things. i would hate to see her go but i have other plans...
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    the father was jag mother was 60% so what would that make this ps they were jungle jag
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