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    The only suvivors of a local breeders clutch in 2008 if I remember correctly. Were slow starters but feeding extremely well now, both weigh in at 900grams ad are roughly 4-5ft long. Both currently live in 54 litre RUB'S (separately) with some cork braches to perch on. I won't clutter this...
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    as above and a close up of his colure and pattern please let me know
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    Forever showing off my beautiful girl, so here's my boy posing for a change, although these were taken a few months ago. I will update on both carpets in next few days once they've digested.... Only toungue pic I have managed so far > GIVE US A KISS > My fav out of this bunch - makes...
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    He was out for a wander today and got this shot of his head. He is now 8ft after a recent shed. He is so placid a lovely big boy :flrt:
  5. Snakes not a joke, at what age / size would a CCP be classed as sub adult and not a hatchling?. Same for a sub adult and adult. Cheers Si
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    As the title says I have a tame 07 female Coastal carpet python for sale due to having no breadin plans for her open to sensible cash offers.
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    Hi folks...had some pics of my babies and new vivs on few days ago. This is Mia and her viv final for now till I can get some chunky wood. However, I'm being told she is some sort of Jag, which would be AWESOME!!! Would anyone care to identify this for me as well as appreciating my beautiful...
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    having to sell my beloved coastal carpet python, Janet!! She was given to me as a gift and I'll be moving from Birmingham to sheffield soon and my fella says she's too big for his place, gutted!! (about 7-8 ft?) I've not had her sexed, just been told she's a female and that suited me fine. She...
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    Hi guys, Been a while since i posted on here so I wanted see peoples opinions to try and help me decide what to get next. I'm currently stuck deciding between: a CCP or a BCI. I want to know peoples opinions who already own one or both of them, as I'm equally interested in both, and...
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    He is Tetra's Vivarium after cleaning, hope you like, she is a female CCP
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    hi could someone please help me and tell me the size (length and weight) at which a female coastal carpet python can breed, thanks.
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    Hi, up fpr sale is my beautiful carpet python. She is around 8 feet long. She eats scented rats or will eat anything else. She has got a great temperement and is very tame. Looking for £120 o.n.o or maybe interested in a swap, let me know what you have. Her setup is also available for an extra...
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    For sale: 7.5ft-8ft female CCP (Coastal Carpet Python) She strike feeds on medium-large rats or guinea pigs. Sheds well. Is currently fed in her viv so can be a bit territorial over it but if you just open the viv and let her come to you she is fine. Friendly once out of her viv. Her viv...
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    I have noticed since i have moved my CCP into her big vivarium she has got abit fiesty, she has eaten, shed al that stuff but i went to get her out so i could clean her vivarium and she was going mental when i touched her like moving quick then going into strike position, any help?
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    Due to the imminent birth of my first child I am having to sell my pet Female Coastal carpet python and her vivarium. The Python is approx 7.5-8ft in length, a good feeder and sheds well. Due to feeding her in her Viv she has got a bit territorial of her tank, however she is easy to handle when...
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    My 08 Coastal carpet python. Fantastic looking snake with really nice markings. Shes feeds well and has just shed complete. Sometimes snappy in her viv, but as soon as out and in your hands shes fine to handle. Will make a great looking snake as not a dull looking coastal. comes with viv, small...
21-36 of 36 Results