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  1. Snakes
    I have a 1 year old Royal and I’m looking to upgrade his faunarium to a 2ft x15” x15” wooden viv, I do plan on moving him to something larger later. My question is how to heat it, at the moment I use a heat mat and would like to move up to a more reliable system. I have a thermostat ready but...
  2. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi, Im after some advice on ceramic heaters. I need to heat a 45x45x60 exo terra glass enclosure for a Gargoyle Gecko. The room tends to drop to stick around 16-17c during day and night, rising to 19-20 with heating on, in spring and summer the room is fine. So its only for a few months over...
  3. Snakes
    Hi there, I have a Royal Python, he's about 3/4 years old and I've had him just over a year. Everything I got came with him, the wooden vivarium, the heater, the thermostats, the thermometers and hydrometers, heat guard etc. Recently I've been having trouble with the heating with the...
  4. Equipment Classifieds
    2 x Reptile Radiators £75 posted for both i have two reptile radiators for sale, £75 posted for both they are used but still work perfectly, here is one in situ i would prefer to send them without their plugs so the ceramic material doesn't get chipped in transit should the courier be less...
  5. Snakes
    HiI am new to the forum and thought I would ask the experts. I recently purchased a 1 year old royal python with set up. The set up consisted of: 3ft wooden vivarium Heat mat On/of thermostat Aspen bedding Logs and artificial plants etc My question is should I be using a heat mat as my snake...
  6. Snakes
    Hi all, I currently have my corn snake(baby) in a alarge faunarium. I am currently building her forever home 3ft x 3ft x 1ft viv. Would it be cheaper to buy the components for the ceramic heat lamp or buy the complete unit for a pet store? I currently have her in the faunarium with a heat lamp...
  7. Newbie Advice
    Set up my daughter leo viv and the little fellas been in there since last Thursday. The trouble i'm having is the heat mat will not get the temperature up high enough on a regular basis. Its a 11" x11" heat mat in a 24" Vivexotic Viv run through a pulse stat. When the house is really warm it...
  8. Equipment Classifieds
    Great stats from Microclimate. Both used but in very good working order. These stats have the night eye facility for both day and night time dimming. One is 12 months old, other is 3 months old. Excellent bit of kit with a RRP of £69.99 each!! £60.00 for both - need everything gone, having a...
  9. Snakes
    Hi, What wattage ceramic bulbs are you using in a 3x2x2 viv ??? This afternoon I setup my Royals new viv which is 3x2x2 and for the heating I'm using a ceramic bulb. I've had it running for the last 4hrs and it seems to be struggling to get up to the right temp. It's a 100w bulb with a...
  10. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi all, needing some advice on ceramic heat emitters for my beloved beardie! I have a 150w ceramic heater, but am not quite sure about fixtures and guards and that. Can anyone recommend any in particular? Thanks!
  11. Equipment & Supplies
    I am wanting to get a ceramic instead of using a spot for me Leo. I have a dimmingstat but been told I need to put it on a pulse proportional stat? can I put a ceramic on a dimmerstat? Have emailed someone about it but im impatiant :whistling2: thanks in advance x
  12. Snakes
    Hi, I'm about to put together the cabling and plug for a 150w exoterra ceramic heat lamp, any one know what fuse is required in the plug? I have a ceramic fitting, but it requires cable and a plug. Thanks!
  13. Equipment Classifieds
    100 watt ceramic heater. Use for about 6 months
  14. Snakes
    oKAY - AS IT STANDS i GOT THIS EQUATION AND SOLVING TO WORK ON : At the moment I'm toying with having two of the slim style White Python 150Watt ceramics in a custom built enclosure which will be comprised of two parts. Basically I have an alcove where an old fireplace was taken out. The...
  15. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi guys, thinking of getting a ceramic heater for my crestie viv, its an exo terra. What fitting and heater do you guys recommend? cheers, Ryan
  16. Habitat
    Hi just setting up my monitor viv and have got a 100 w ceramic. Can anyone tell me why the top of the viv where the ceramic is attaced to is very hot compared to below the ceramic where it is know where near the same temp and wha can I do to fix this?
  17. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi, is anybody able to tell me the measurements of a 100w exo ceramic heater. The length including screw fitting and width of the heat face. Thanks in advanced
  18. Equipment & Supplies
    I bought a cermic bulb attached to a thermostat and i had it hooked up for about a month before it went, i put this down to just having a unlucky dud ceramic. i then decided to put a heat bulb in instead of a ceramic just a E27 heat lamp(only because i couldnt afford the ceramic at that time -...
  19. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi I have following items for sale: Will do the whole lot for £60. Cash on collection is preferable but I can post for some extra P&P fee.
  20. Lizards
    what wattage of ceramic bulbs are best for crested geckos? thanks: victory:
1-20 of 37 Results