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    COLLECTION ONLY! Would prefer to sell as a group. They all come with beautiful enclosures! The Blonde has a full-sized sheep skull to give you an idea of her impressive size. Beautiful true blonde colouration. She was from another keeper and is a rare find in that she wasn't a wild-caught import...
  2. Invert Classifieds
    Hi folks, I'm looking to pick up a few slings or small juvies (1.5 - 4cm), particularly A chalcodes but also looking for G rosea red and A bicoloratum. I'm based in London and will collect from within 3 hrs distance or pay for next day shipping.
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    Hi I have for sale 2 large female A Chalcodes almost the last of my collection as Im giving up the hobby after many years. Im asking £60 for both inc tanks heat pads,I relly would prefer collection only and would be willing to travel a short distance or maybe meet halfway i live in the...
  4. Breeding Loans
    Mature male aphonopelma chalcodes up for 50/50, matured 26/4/12, can post anywhere in uk when hes hardened up and fed. mail me if interested. Must be reliable and stick to their word, been seriously effed over by the last guy that had an MM off me, mail me or text me on 07864247770...
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    For sale a beautiful sub-adult A.Chalcodes. Eats and molts well and is docile in temperament. Recently molted, looks female but not 100% sure. Looking for £40 including postage next day RMDS. Any questions and just ask.
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    Hi, I have 3 adult female tarantulas for sale, I haven't got any pictures of them yet but i will either tonight ot tomorrow. Brachypelma albicpes adult female £45 (She was mated at the beginning of the year) Aphonopelma chalcodes adult female £35 ( Note. she is fat ! lol .. she was bought...
1-6 of 6 Results