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chameleon vivarium
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    Please look on eBay: This a beautiful solid mahogany antique cabinet vivarium conversion. The cabinet dates from 1870 and was used as a...
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    This is a good sized mesh vivarium ideal for housing an adult Panther or Yemen Chameleon or for rearing baby chameleons, or housing other arboreal reptiles. Sides and back are clad with UVB-resistant plastic sheeting to increase humidity and cut down on drafts. Fitted with a 21cm diameter...
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    :welcome: Im after a Herp Nursery 2 or Exo Terra incubator with day & night temp. Can collect within 20 miles from Warrington Cheshire. Cheers Chameleon80.
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    BLACK MESH ALUMINIUM-FRAMED CHAMELEON OR INSECT VIVARIUM/CAGE (MARKETED BY TERRY THATCHER) Measures 45cm (18 inches) long x 45cm (18 inches) wide x 60cm (24 inches) high. In good used condition, will need cleaning/disinfecting before use. Small tear in mesh repaired with silicone (hardly...
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    Hi Wanted Exo Terra only digital thermometer & hydrometer or combo. Thanks Chameleon80
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    Hi Im looking to buy a Exo Terra VIV 45x45x60 tall one with canopy and thermostat or without. Cheers Chameleon80 : victory:
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    I am selling a complete chameleon set up. I have a beech wood viv exotic viv AX36 that is 4 ft tall x 3 ft wide x 16" deep. The viv itself has sliding glass doors at the top and bottom. It has a custom built top to accommodate an external heat source and 2 vents. It has a habistat dimming...
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    I am selling my vivexotic arboreal vivarium in beech colour. It comes complete with its own storage cupboard attached to the bottom which is easily removed. It has been sealed with aquarium sealant and is in pretty good condition. The approx dimensions are: Overall height 58" Height of...
  9. Equipment & Supplies
    I am going to turn my horizontal vivarium vertical for my Yemen. But I am wondering how to get the sliding doors (which will just slide down to the bottom) to work. Any help is appreciated! :welcome:
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    Upgrading for my yemen. Looking for 4ft heigh, 3foot wide dont mind the depth. Anything around there is okay. Thanks
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    Looking for a 4 foot high chameleon viv, dont mind the other dimension. No chameleon though looking to upgrade for mine. Thanks
  12. Lizards
    Hello i make vivariums out of melamine for snakes and now a client wants a chameleon viv. I am not very familiar with chameleons but i read they need well ventilated screened cages. Its too cold in Bulgaria with temps in the winter -20 outside with an inside temp of 10-12 C. So it makes almost...
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    Wooden Viv, housed our Chameleon. About 4 1/2 ft tall by 2ft wide (rough measurements) Professionally made, used but good condition. Glass sliding doors Silver feet Vented top Comes with: One plant Spot light Tube light fitted Tray in bottom to catch water Drip feeder Plastic plants...
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    arboreal viv for sale. A few marks here and there from where i have screwed stuff into the side of the viv but nothing too noticeable. It comes with a UV starter and bulb, light fittings, heat bulb, humidity gauge, branches, repti vine , fake plants and food dish. vivarium size ...
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    Looking for a decent size arboreal viv for my adult Yemen chameleon pref something in decent condition as its for our living room. Cheers guys
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    :whistling2: hi i have a large vivarium for sale its aprox 4 1/2 foot tall by 2 1/2 foot wide by 1 1/2 foot deep lovley viv perfect for chameleons comes with a heat mat cost me over 300 a year ago still in good condition. open to offers call 07811975461
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    As the title says need large viv 4x3 type size what you got guys and girls would idealy like a vivexotic but anything really Gary on 07737447125
  18. Lizards
    haveing received all of my bits and bobs ive set my viv up this weekend. firstly i went and met the little guy or gal diddnt manage to get them out as he/she is being kept in "quarantine" to make sure he/she's healthy went about setting up my viv, heat and uv lamp on top with a heat mat in...
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    As title states, vivarium very well built, made by me and my ex. 6mm laminated glass doors, perspex backing to stop misting damage. Comes with 3 or 4ft devil's ivy fitted climbing branch and other small branches (was used for male yemen cham) £70 as is or £90 with dimming thermostat. :) pics...
1-19 of 20 Results