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  1. Lizard Classifieds
    Anyone breeding pygmy chameleon or noticed any for sale anywhere?
  2. Lizard Classifieds
    Baby Faly Panther chameleons now available for sale, Males and Females available. 3-4 months old, eating a varied diet of fruit flies, and crickets with supplements. Photos show adult sire as example. £200 for males £90 females Collection from Bracknell, RG42
  3. Lizard Classifieds
    Hi All, pretty new to Reptile Forums. We’ve owned chameleons for the last 5 years and have struggled to find a reliable breeder for panther chameleons. We plan on visiting the Doncaster expo in September but wondered if anyone is or knows of panther breeders in Essex / London thanks in advance
  4. Lizard Classifieds
    Does anyone know where I could possibly get Pygmy chameleons from? Or any breeders who breed them? They seem to be really hard to find. Any suggestions are welcome! :) Thankyou
  5. Habitat Pictures
    Custom made vivarium with stand Actual vivarium does not come apart Heat and daylight connections included 07960192956 NG210LG Chameleon not included Total height 5.4 feet Width 2.9 feet Depth 2 feet
  6. Lizards
    I have a 8 month old male Veiled/Yemen chameleon who’s had a sudden turn. Over the past couple of days, he has been closing his eyes. I have washed them with saline and then thought about a vitamin A deficiency, which would have made sense as he was shedding during his last vitamin day so...
  7. Lizard Classifieds
    CBUK20 Male Panther Chameleon He is a Nosy X Ambilobe Bit defensive in the tank but happy once out. Collection Only Bristol £250
  8. Lizards
    Years ago you were able to purchase loads of different types of Pygmy Chameleon on the internet, now its illegal to import from Tanzania and the supply has all dried up. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any UK breeders that have these little guys for sale. Wanted to maybe breed some of my...
  9. Lizards
    Hi so i was hand feeding my 6 year old panther chameleon today as usual, however he missed the locust with his tounge but instead of it retracting like usual it stayed out. he reacted very quickly and went to the bottom of his enclosure and started trying to push it back in, he was biting it...
  10. Snake Classifieds
    Due to unplanned move I'm selling my 2 panther chameleons and all equipment I have. Chameleons and all equipment bought in feb and march 2020 costing more than £1800, probably one of the best setup you can have for chameleons, invoices available. All listed below (2 chameleon and 2 full setup)...
  11. Lizards
    My new Chameleon aged around 7-8 months isn't eating since I got her. I tried her with locust which the pet shop informed me she had been eating, but wasn't interested. I've tried lettuce, wax worms, mealworms and even fruit flies on the off chance and still no interest. During her first few...
  12. Lizard Classifieds
    Male Yemen CB18 Including set up, well used medium flexarium, heat/light bulb with fitting, UV and starter (UV needs replacing next month) Not hand tame, typical chammy. £50, with the set up. Pics available, but unable to upload due to size.
  13. Lizard Classifieds
    I am a zoologist and taxidermist interested in mammals' and reptiles' anatomy, and have the hobby of skinning and mounting small animals' skeletons. If you happen to have a dead chameleon, monitor lizard, iguana, smake or any other small pet that has sadly died for natural reasons, I would be...
  14. Habitat
    Hi All, a quick question on bioactive substrates. I've got a Panther chameleon living in an enclosure with bioactive substrate, He's been in the current tank for almost 2 years, and I was wondering if anyone else has done anything to refresh the substrate? I feed the bugs in there with vegetable...
  15. Lizards
    Hi All, Very uncommon for one of my Chameleons to be sick but it seems the moment has come. I have tried multiple things in order to try and fix said sickness but I am still having issues. This Chameleon specifically is 6-7 months old, has lived with another male her whole life and has...
  16. Lizards
    Got a strange question to you all. Can a Chameleon have poor aim when eating? You know their tongue is a deadly (to insects and worms) weapon and can take out food with a snipers accuracy but my boy Ziggy (3yr old Veiled Chameleon) literally can't hit a barn door if he was right next to it...
  17. Lizard Classifieds
    Selling my collection due to ill health. This is not an easy decision so please no time wasters. 1.1 PROVEN Mexican black king snakes ready to go again this year. Female is nice an calm male has to try everything once before he knows it’s not food. He is however a fantastic breeder an tends to...
  18. Lizard Classifieds
    I’m still seeking a good quality cb or wc male hoehnelii Pygmy chameleon, set up is ready and waiting, I’m very familiar with Montanes. I’m a biologist in the south east but happy to pay for a courier or travel to collect.
  19. Lizards
    Hi, my mum and dad are now satisfied enough that I've done my research and are allowing me my first Chameleon. I'm holding out for a Von Hohnels and a lot of what I've read suggests strip lighting of about 2% uvb and around 7 watt. Does anyone have any recommendations for this please?
1-19 of 500 Results