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chameleons for sale
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    We have several females and one male baby left from our clutch that hatched in feb/March. They are all eating and shedding well. All are £80 each, or £140 for two females. Im happy to answer any questions.
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    11 months old Very friendly Pair Call/txt for more info 07411029503
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    £40 each Beautiful species 13 available Quite rare
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    Hello i import different insects into the uk every year and i will be importing some from a supplier who also sells chameleons this is his list: Chamaeleo calyptratus, Chamaeleo hoehnelii, Rhampholeon brevicaudatus, Chamaelo Montium, Chamaelo oweni, Chamaeleo cristatus, Chamaeleo ellioti...
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    pair of Jackson's chameleons unrelated pair, They are the dwarf type. Female possible pregnant. They don't come with vivs sorry. Anymore information needed just pm me. thanks.
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    we have baby yems for sale,we have males and females and they are diffrent blood lines,all doing every thing they should be.single yems 35 and two for 55 and 75 for treo,we can give advice on all care needs and cageing etc.
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    These are a new bloodline to the UK. Babies are now 14 weeks old and ready to go. All are eating, drinking and shedding well. Photo is of the sire fired up. £160 each or @280 a pair.
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    HI all, Taking pre-orders now for the CREAKS show at the weekend. Rhampholeon Brevicaudatus - £23.00 each Rhampholeon Kerstenii - £23.00 each Rhampholeon Ulugurensis - £30.00 each. We will also have loads of inverts, amphibians and dry stock available on the day. See you there... Neil...
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    x2 Pygmy Chameleons. 1 female and 1 male. Female due to lay eggs. INCLUDES: TALL BEECH REPTILE TANK WITH UNDERNEATH STORAGE AREA. ALL PLANTS/VINES/ELECTRIC VENTILATION/UV LIGHT/HEAT LAMP/HEAT MAT. Tank dimensions & info below- Electric ventilation system Solid back panel Cable access points...
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    I now have the following available... High Casked Chameleon - Chamaeleo Hohnelii High Casked Chameleon - Chamaeleo Hohnelii [0] - £79.99 : Junglebugs!,, online spider and invert store
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    I have the following availble now.... Mountain Dwarf Chameleon - Chamaeleo Elliotii Mountain Dwarf Chameleon - Chamaeleo Elliotii - £49.99 : Junglebugs!,, online spider and invert store
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    These are now eight weeks old and Bred by ourselves in the shop. They are Yemen's and are £40 for RFUK members. Normal price is £49.95 Dad can be seen in the shop! Full set ups available as is full support and back up if needed
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    I have two Veiled chameleons and setup for sale The male is about a year old and the female about six months from different blood lines, Male is very friendly and will feed out of your hand and even tolerate the odd handling. The Viv is an Atasuki 4' x 2' x 3' which i have made a divider and...
  14. Lizards
    Does anybody keep Jacksons chameleons in the UK or know if you can buy them from anywhere? Just curious because iv seen videos of people keeping them on Youtube, they all seem to be in America tho?
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    male and female chameleons for sale £150 :gasp:i have a male (17 weeks) and female (12 weeks) yeman chams with full setup for sale they are unrelated pair for breeding but due to new job just dont have the time they need. they both eat like its going out of fasion and male drinks from water...
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    I have a male and female yeman Cham for sale wiv full setup the male is 16 weeks and female 11 weeks they are a unrelated pair for breeding but as to new job not got the time. They both eat well and drinking well the setup is 4 x 4 x 2 divided between them. There are pictures in my album price...
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    i have a unrelated pair of yeman chameleons for sale the male is 16 weeks and female 11 weeks they eat brilliant the male drinks out of his water bowl. was going to breed them but just havent got time as have a new job. also in the price is a 4 x 4 x 2 foot viv divided for them both with...
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    My first clutch of eggs of 15 eggs from my yemen chameleon are starting to hatch, they have been incubating for 248 days and I was about to give up hope, low n behold on saturday night when I checked them there was a little pair of eyes looking back at me,(a female) there is another 3 that are...
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    Hello Everybody :blush: I have an adult male Chamaeleo Rudis. The only reason of the sale is because I couldn find a girlfriend for him after 4 moths:werd: He is super healthy and ready to breed right now! Its so sad to sell my best friend:sad: but well I dont have another alternative...
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    I have a number of baby Yemen Chameleons for sale in Portsmouth They are available at £30 each, collect only from Portsmouth I can discuss bulk purchase discounts pm/email for details I also have 3 slightly older/bigger juveniles available at £35 each (m 2 males, 1 female) I have both males...
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