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  1. Snakes
    i am going over to a soil mix substrate in the new year (building bigger vivs while things are in brumation so not changing right now) but not particularly fussed on bioactive yet just naturalistic. i have read a few differences on the mix, like some people dont put coir in. is there different...
  2. Feeder
    Can anyone point me to an online supplier of lumpwood charcoal (<2kg bags)? As BBQ season is well and truly over, I can't find it on the high street either. I'm trying to start a colony of springtails and all I can find is the 'quicklight' type of charcoal which is of course saturated with...
  3. Snakes
    Hi guys I just picked up a gorgeous Charcoal Corn Snake from pets at home but I noticed while I was handling him in the shop that he doesn't have any ventral checkerboard pattern, its pretty much just white with a slight bit of black towards the very edges. I was under the impression that...
  4. Snakes
    i need to sell my corn snake, charcoal in colour... probably about 5 months old. comes with 3ft viv and all set up. want £150 for it. Any takers??
  5. Snake Classifieds
    Is anyone selling a Anerythristic type "B" (charcoal) corn snake? Im looking for a female, of around 2 to 3 years old in good health, Anybody selling ?
  6. Snake Classifieds
    Is anyone selling a Anerythristic type "B" (charcoal) corn snake Im looking for a female, of around 2 years old in good health, Anybody selling ?
  7. Snakes
    As some of you may remember, our reverse okettee laid us a nice clutch of eggs at the start of January and these eggs hatched at the start of March. After laying, she shed and then started feeding perfectly. Well, about 4 weeks ago she started to refuse any food offered her and started to get...
  8. Snakes
    As the title says, reverse okettee male and charcoal female corns? What colours do you thing we'd get from them?
  9. Snakes
    We got a new charcoal corn snake early this week and she is spending most of her time coiled up in the wtaer bowl. I've kept many corns and I've never seen one spend so much time soaking. Is this normal or is there something wrong with her? She has not shown any signs of being ready to shed so...
  10. Snakes
    I picked up a female charcoal corn today. She's about 3.5ft and weighing 390g and obviusly not fully grown yet. The question, how much would you have paid for her? The wife and I think we have got a bargain at a local pet shop. What do you guys think you would part with?
  11. Snakes
    Finally got the last addition to our collection. I'd say she is an anery type b but I have no doubt I'll be corrected if she's not.
  12. Snake Classifieds
    Available for sale........................... HATCHED 2010 0.1 REVERSE OKEETEE 1002F bred by Don Soderberg (South Mountain Reptiles) £100 1.0 DILUTE PEWTER 1003M bred by Rob Stevens (Bayou Reptiles) £550 0.1 DILUTE ANERY BLOODRED HET CHARCOAL 1005F bred by Rob Stevens (Bayou Reptiles)...
  13. Snake Classifieds
    0.1 Tessera full stripe het amel, anery, p.h hypo 2011 hatchling very big for age on (large pinks) £275 0.1 granite het PIED, hypo, p.h charcoal, motley 2011 1.0 Diffused Ghost (anery,hypo,diffused) het PIED, p.h charcoal, motley 2011 Eats like a pig on Large pinks This pair is for...
  14. Snake Classifieds
    2010 Established hatchlings Ghost het. Charcoal & Amel - Available Hypo het. Anery, Charcoal, Amel ph Lavender - Available in limited numbers Normal (Wild type) het. Anery, Amel, Hypo, Charcoal ph Lavender - Available Snow/Coral Snow het. Charcoal - Available in limited numbers Will...
  15. Snake Classifieds
    Basically im looking for a female corn approx 2 years old with a minimum of the below genes... Anery Charcoal Amel Bloodred As titled it may be a long shot to find a visual of all these hets but would be interested in a double/triple trait with the above hets, was thinking along the lines...
1-15 of 15 Results