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    Hey all, Question for the forum on Antaresia. Am looking to get some 'Spotties' and wondered if there were any distinguishing features to look out for. Want to avoid hybridised. No desire to covet high end/rarity. I like the versions with distinct spotting, so less keen on childreni if they...
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    Looking for a female childrens python. Please message me if you have one available.
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    Thinking of selling some of my collection to make money for new projects. In no rush to sell but may accept sensible offers. All have very healthy appetites, strike feed on defrosts every time and do everything they should. CB15 Male Pygmy or Anthill python Antaresia perthensis £500 CB16...
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    Various pythons and colubrids for sale Pick up from Basingstoke or Watford, or local delivery is possible, happy to courier. Will have tables at IHS Doncaster shows. Photos available via email, any questions please ask 1.0 = Male 0.1 = Female 1.0 CB14 Sumatran short tail/black Blood Python...
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    1.0 CB 2012 Children's Python (Antaresia childreni) £95 Very calm, superb feeder. Great species. Can come with 4' fibreglass viv for extra £25. PM email address for photos.
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    For sale a proven pair of childrens pythons. Lovely snakes which don't get big. Purchased from L Ferme Tropicale a few years back. They bred last year. Excellent feeders, feeding on mice. Can collect from ST10 or DE45, or you can arrange courier if you wish. Will post a couple of photos...
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    Hi all I am looking at moving on my 1.1 pair of g.kuroiwae, should be of breeding age next year. Would be interested in the following as a trade 1.1 of antaresia (children's, spotted etc) 1.1 leopard snakes 1.1 ladder snakes 1.1 anery het albino Kenyan sand boa 1.1 cape/olive house snakes 1.1...
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    1.0 Children's python (Antaresia childreni) CB2012 Defrost feeder, ready to breed. PM email address for photos. £100
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    I have on CB10 male childrens python for sale, was bought from a family as a tricky feeder so is a little small for his age. feeding like a trooper now on small mice. looking for £80 for him
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    I have 2 adult Childrens pythons for sale approx 3 years old, apologies dont know sex. I obtained via a friend who moved them on but I have decided they would be better with someone who knows more about these quality little pythons (I am more of a Corn snake man). 1 is very large for a...
  11. Snakes
    Hi all, this is my second post to this forum and I'm just wondering once more about a species and heating which seems to be the most difficult part for me. First of all, what do you guys think about housing a Children's Python in a 60x37x42 vivarium for life? I heard they are pretty small which...
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    female late 2012 Children's Python Very small still as was a picky eater to start with. Approx 15 inches in length and 38g Now eating fine. My son paid £120 for her from a pet shop but I want her to go to a good home so will accept half this or a close offer.
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    4 year old male childrens feeding well on defrost small mice. Sheds well and has lovely temperment £60 4-5 year old columbian rainbow boa pair feed and shed well. Defrost large weaner rats £80 No set ups included collection from gosport or could deliver locally for fuel
  14. Snake Classifieds
    Sub-adult female Children's Python (Antaresia childreni) £90 2012 Bred by Bob Clarke, USA (have paperwork) - unrelated to most in UK. Ready to breed in a few months. Feeds ravenously on defrost mice, handles calmly. Reserve for Kempton Park Show.
  15. Snake Pictures
    Just took a peak at my lovely little Childreni to see how she was getting on and was rewarded with these. 8 actually quite big pearly whites :2thumb:
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    Ok sadly need to move a few. 2012 Medici egg eaters x 2 (being tube fed) £40 each. Unsexed. 2008 Male normal royal. £40. 2012 1.2 Children's python £120. Can sort out housing for xtra. Open to swaps or part ex for any of these. Female Hog island boa (must be at least 3 , small and clean) Male...
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    CB12 Normal royal python, unsexed CB12 Female Colombian Rainbow Boa CB11 Childrens Python unsexed CB12 Male Western Hognose (Poss het toffeebelly) These are much loved pets- I'd like them to go to homes where they would be loved and looked after Letting them go as had a bereavement
  18. Snakes
    Had my first clutch of Python eggs last week (Antaresia childreni) with a number of other females of various Python species due to lay imminently. Anyone else experiencing earlier than normal breedings/egg laying this year? Interestingly, my Morelia all seem unaffected.
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    as title states i am looking for a male childrens python, any age considered, cash waiting, would be willing to use a courier. pm with what you got
  20. Off Topic Classifieds
    Great little baby pink faux leather armchair with foot stool. Really cute little item, few scuffs nothing major. It is a rocking chair so rocks back and forth on small rockers underneath. great chair, grab a bargain. really expensive brand new! asking £25 can deliver for extra. :2thumb:
1-20 of 37 Results