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chile rose tarantula
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    Adult Female Chile Rose - £10 Healthy and feeding well
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    We have some unsexed sub adults. These attractive red phase are beautiful we are open to offers. The larger the order the low price each we will be likely to accept. a great pet species, probably the best! All sold with a Free Caresheet. Paypal accepted. All livestock dispatched by 1st class...
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    chile rose tarantula female sub adult would swap for female curly hair or adult emp scorpion or any female tarantula comes with set up and thanks for looking wayne:2thumb:
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    Few spiders going cheap 4 Orange baboon OBT Pterincohilus murinus sub adults 4inch legspan 3 Chile rose adults 4inch legspan all look to be female but not guaranteed 2 pink toes avicularia sp. half grown unsexed Will take £120 for the lot including royal mail special delivery packed in a...
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    hi. i have two lovely,very similar Chile rose tarantulas. i am looking to home one of them.sell or swap for a different T. the price of 20 is inclusive of postage recorded first class. or if collection,it will include its tub and water dish etc. if you collect you may view both to decide which...
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    i have a unsexed chile rose tarantula for sale just moulted come with the last moult so you have a try a sexing (im not very good at it lol) asking for £25 pictures can be found on our facebook page TBT Exotics | Facebook thanks for looking, Tom
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    Hey. I recently got my first T, an adult chile rose from the spider shop. s/he is a great little creature and i am rather fond of him/her. I have tried putting a few adult crickets in its tank during the day, but if one goes near it it will shy away or take defensive jabs at it with its fangs...
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    Adult male chile rose tarantula + glass setup which his been in for life, well webbed over:lol2: friendly but we dont handle him much, he loves his brown crickets not so keen on locusts, glass tank is around 18" long with cork bark chunks, water bowl, exo terra background in it cut to size.
1-8 of 8 Results