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chile rose
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    Both come in plastic faunariums,sub adult/ adult £20 each or £35 for the pair
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    Chile rose slings (G porteri) available for sale, have now had at least 2-3 moults, £3.00 each Or 5 for £12.00. I have 68 available happy to sell in bulk please pm with offers. Happy to post Royal mail next day delivery for £7.25
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    Grammostola rosea (Red Phase Chile Rose) £20
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    I have a few Chile rose slings left for sale, they have now had a couple of moults. £1.50 each plus royal mail next day delivery £7. Free collection from oxfordshire or may Be able to deliver locally.
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    Hi, have not been on in ages but am trying to sell off the rest of my collection :cry:, so for inverts i have for sale a large orange Baboon who is super aggressive and mean... i don't know the sex so will presume male, he is about 4 inches in leg span (i guess he doesn't come out of his hide...
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    Chile rose slings for sale, have had a couple of moults, now 1.5-2cm in size, £2.50 each or 5 for £10, happy to do deals on bulk orders. Happy to post out RMSD £7.00.
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    Am looking * for sub adult / adult G porteri (chile rose preferably red form but will consider normal form) and * Cyclosternum fasciatum (Costa Rican Tiger Rump) 3-4cm Can't pick up so needs posted. Thanks. P.S. To the person who emailed me about his Chile rose red form earlier: I...
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    I am unfortunately having to sell my collection of spiders and my centipede. I have a male Indian Ornamental approx 18 months old which comes with a 20x20x30 inch glass Exo Terra viv. I also have a female Chile Rose approx 4 years old which comes with a large plastic transporter tub. Both come...
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    Red chile rose sipderlings for sale bred by myself. Nice and healthy and feeding well £6.00 each or 3 for £15.00. Parents available to view.
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    Last few chile rose slings left £1.50 each or 10 or more £1.00 each Happy to post next day delivery £7.50
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    Hi I have for sale the following t's. All being sold as unsexed but I do have the last moult from the Chaco and Red Knee. 10cm+ Chaco Golden Knee(g.pulchripes)£20 10cm Mexican Red Knee(B.Smithi)£30 2× Chile Rose 1 is 10-12cm the other is a little smaller.£12 each Please add £7.50 for next day...
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    Chile rose spiderlings (G porteri) £2.50 each or 5 for £10, happy to swap for other inverts or T's, discounts available for bulk buys, open to offers Can send RMSD £7.50 or collect from Oxfordshire.
  13. Spiders and Inverts
    As far as I know Chile Roses are meant to just be happy in a tank, but not mine, she has a nice sized tank, a plant pot for a hide and some cork bark to climb on and web. Instead she has dug right under all the substrate, and all the way under to the underside of the plant pot. I do not mind...
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    Hello I'm advertising this adult female chile rose red colour form. She comes with a faunarium, heatmat and some decor Will not post - collection only! Do not ask me to post I'm sorry I won't. Collection from Medway, kent.
  15. Spiders and Inverts
    Had a go at breeding a pair of Grammostola porteri. Looks like it went well, although I couldn't see an insertion I thought the male behaved as if he believed it was a job well done, but, as it was my first attempt, I would be grateful of any comments or advice on how to proceed from anyone with...
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    10 hermit crabs 5 adult chile rose 3 salmon pink 8-10cm 1 red knee b. smithi 3-4cm 2 salmon pink spiderlings All posted RMSD for £140 Bargain! :-)
  17. Breeding Loans
    looking for a MM g.rosea rcf for my girl. willing to buy/swap/50.50 whatever is best for you please contact me asap if you have or know anybody with one!! Thanks :)
  18. Spiders and Inverts
    BORIS - the brazilian black and white. SANCHEZ my Chile Rose : CHARLIE. my chaco golden knee. I also have a togo starburst, i havent photographed it yet though.
  19. Breeding Loans
    MM G. Rosea wanted to buy or 50/50 loan. Thanks Will
  20. Spiders and Inverts
    i was wondering if anyone could suggest the best way to heat my chile rose tank, hes in a glass tank... im not worried at the moment because the weather is nice and warm but in the winter my place gets extremely cold and i don't think a heatmat will really do the job but i was worried about...
1-20 of 140 Results