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  1. R.I.P
    So, as a general thing I go around all the animals just to check on them last thing at night. Wednesday night I didn't do this, been a bit poorly recently, so just jumped into bed. So had finished playing with the rats on the bed, even got my nightly groom from Ruby. Played with Snowball for a...
  2. Other Pets and Exotics
    I have had them for a week today and in the past two days one has taking to sneezing (a fair bit this morning) other than that they are healthy, no obvious gunky noses, eating and drinking well and have come out of their shell/not so terrified. I have put some vicks on the top of their cage...
  3. Other Pets and Exotics
    Ok so I have two male chinese hamsters, and at the moment they are in a 50L rub, obviously I want to put thim in something a bit more... well... hamstery. They are around a month old now (ish), but all of the hamster cages I've seen are TINY, so obv I'm not happy. The general hamster cages, the...
1-3 of 3 Results