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chinese water dragons

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    my chinese water dragons seam to have got addicted to meal worm, there refusing the crickets, fruit etc, but will devour the mealworm, they are about 7/8 mths old they willingly take food out of my hand,when out of their cage, they seam really hard to please, but im concerned that they are...
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    captive bred and are 8 weeks ol. do have some a bit older and they will be £30 each. all shedding eating and pooing very well
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    We are a reptile re-homing sanctuary and we have many reptiles available, please dont hesitate to contact us for further information Thank you Marcs Reptile Ranch "we are not only here for you but your reptiles too":welcome:
  4. Newbie Advice
    I've built a nice big enclosure for a chinese water dragon that i'm planning on getting. its big enough to last him a life time. however, it seems all the advice i can get refers to adult dragons. what about the youngsters. can i put a baby or juvi dragon in the big viv straight away, or should...
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    Hi, I am getting a baby cwd as soon as I've finished my set-up. I'm just wondering what plants I can use to keep the hummidity up? I know it needs to be at 80%. Also should I use a normal UV bulb or the tubular UV bulbs, and where can I get those wire mesh's to put around the ceramic basking...
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    Hi, I'm buying all the stuff I need for my CWD. I have the rainforest flooring, a feeding dish, a pack lunch box :blush: for water and a baby viv (s/he's only 6month old) I know what I need and how to feed care for him or her, just I don't know where to go and what goes with what. I need light...
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    we have a beautifull water dragon he is handled daily, sheds well, eats well, comes in viv with water bowl/feeding bowl, hide, water bath, basking bulb, uvb bulb, hygrometer in perfect working order
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    I have got a male CWD, he was originally with his best pal but she died recently. I have now managed to find a female of the same age. I was wondering if there was any problems that I should be aware of introducing them together. My male is very placid and loves been out and about. If anyone can...
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    Pair of Chinese Water Dragons, superb condition, ready to breed. £120 Pair Vivarium if wanted/needed available for additional charge. Manchester based.