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  1. Snake Classifieds
    We have this scaleless head cinny bee 2018 eating rat pups weekly female open to sensible offers
  2. Snake Classifieds
    poss double het albino pied male £60 fire het red axanthic 50% poss het albino male £80 fire het red axanthic 50% poss het albino female £100 mojave 100% het clown male £160 fire gargoyle 50% poss het albino female £160 fire super cinny poss het albino (kinked) £220 Also just hatched but not...
  3. Snake Classifieds
    Male firemon (fire cinny) £75 2 female cinny £50 each All 3 for £150 Based in west lancashire
  4. Snake Classifieds
    1.0 Cinny Lesser. Strike feeding on D/F. Ready to go.
  5. Snake Classifieds
    For sale, Female breeding weight 2kg plus not bred 2015 but proven in 2014. Previously locked with my leopard male. Feeds on defrost rats £80 Male leopard 150g this years hatchling feeding well on defrost £70 Fire spider male some wobble but good strike feeder on defrost 200g £50 Female...
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    Hi Everyone, I have some surplus hatchlings from this year’s pairings as well as some older males ready to breed this season that I am letting go to make some racking space. Plenty of Ultramels and Het UltraGlow combo’s among others, here’s a full list of what I have available. Any of these can...
  7. Snake Classifieds
    FEMALES fire, 1.5kg, £250 [URL=] Cinnamon,1.7kg, £250 [URL=] Yellowbellys 100g, £75 each...
  8. Snake Classifieds
    I am selling this stunning boy , took him in a trade a while ago as he really caught my eye but being realistic he isn't fitting in with any of my breeding plans so he is up for sale at £125. This guy i think is stunning he is extremely jet black with some great markings on his side , weighing...
  9. Snake Classifieds
    I have up for sale a particularly stunning Male Cinnamon Royal Python, not sure on exact weight but as you can see from pics certainly breeding size. Approx 2.5 years old. Usually calm royal temperament and eats, poo's and sheds as he should. Cash on collection preferred and happy for people...
  10. Snake Classifieds
    Hi I have a late cb2012 cinny female for sale. Lovely markings and colours, I don't want to let her go but I need the space for this years hatchlings. Excellent feeder and temperament. Roughly around 500 - 600 grams, I will get an accurate measurement later. I don't have any pics on me...
  11. Snake Classifieds
    Hi, I've decided to sell my Male Cinnamon as he no longer fits in to my plans. He fathered a clutch for me last season. For Sale: Proven Male Cinnamon 1.6kg Feeds Well on Defrost Rats (currently off food due to time of year) Breeds very well !! Locks anything. Ready to go and ready to breed...
  12. Snake Classifieds
    1.0 normal, nice colouring very light and vanilla ish £25 (PK) 0.1 normal, reduced and high reds came through from their reduced cinny father £40 (PK) 0.2 Cinnamons, one smaller (on DF) very dark £195. Larger (live) really red and reduced pattern £250 all are currently eating rat pups with no...
  13. Snake Classifieds
    Due to change in plans we have decided to part with this beautiful boy :) Cb10 and strike feeding on defrost rats. Full feeding and weight records kept. Proven male. Collection Rothwell Northants. Offers trades unless other royals.
  14. Snake Classifieds
    up for sale is a 3ft vivexotic with heat bulb and guard, two heat mats, habistat pulse stat, hides etc.. 455g cinny female, great feeder on DF rats, and 162g poss het albino male but ill just sell him as a normal male, slow starter but now is smashing DF mice and very active, would prefer all to...
  15. Snake Classifieds
    as title says, Cheadle Staffordshire £400
  16. Snake Classifieds
    This guy is up for sale feeding on df rats £150.
  17. Snake Classifieds
    Male born 2010 weighing 655g. This Male is producing sperm. Plenty big enough to charm the ladies. Get your Cinnamon pied plans rolling now. £1650 RDR ctutch #159 or with 100% het female 700g £1950
  18. Snake Classifieds
    1x male fire cb11 proven 1100g 1x male cinny cb10 proven 2200g 1x female normal cb10 1500g Selling all for £500 ono with rubs, mats, bowls, stats, thermometers etc
  19. Snake Classifieds
    hi i have a beautiful very friendly Cinny Python cb12 male but not confirmed For sale comes with hub etc... eats and poos good very sad sale no papers sorry lost when moving house :( 125 ono please will not let it go to just anyone sorry thanks
  20. Snake Classifieds
    We have for sale a cinammon female and a NERD pastel male, cb12 hatchlings. They have been strike feeding on mice and have both now also had 1 rat pup. Cinny - 140g Pastel - 110g Cinny - £225 Pastel - £100 Or will do a deal on the pair if you want to make pewters! Cheers for looking...
1-20 of 63 Results