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clawed frogs
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    hi i have some african clawed frogs for sale looking for £5 each or all 5 for £20 will only let go to knowledgeable homes ideally with other frogs if buying just one i took these on but looking to concentrate on my newts and axolotls may be able to deliver a small distance
  2. Amphibians
    Got some new froglets today (which was a cool birthday present to ME from ME :lol2:) I still tend to think of them as Xenopus tropicalis, but I'm allowed, as I'm officially a thousand years old today; under new classification, they are Silurana tropicalis. They arrived promptly and safely, and...
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    African clawed frogs / Xenopus laevis 3 months old. Most finished morphing 2 months ago. Approx 2 inches long, including legs. They are all healthy, active and growing well. They all have natural, wild-type colours and marbled patterns. £3 each or £5 a pair. Collection from Sheffield S10...
  4. Amphibians
    Hi i was just wondering if i could get some advice or opinions on african clawed frogs. I have had my 6 for about 5-6 year and was told at the time they are a cold water species and information i could find at the time said the same thing so have always kept them in cold water and they are...
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    5 healthy med size albino clawed frog with tank in box for more details
  6. Amphibian Classifieds
    5 albino clawed frogs for sale and tank
  7. Amphibian Classifieds
    hi i have for sale 4 female albino african clawed frogs with full setup tank. tank is sliver with stand, with filter, heater, lid with light, plant thing, wood, and sand. + has backing and glass thermo. reason for sale is that i am moving soon and the mrs dose not want a tank in the new...
1-7 of 9 Results