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  1. Lizards
    Well my 5 year old northern blue tongued skink has experienced freedom, and now she's hooked. Her cage is a series of RUBs connected with PVC piping. Earlier today she somehow managed to wiggle one of the pipes loose, and then squeeze behind the cage through a 5cm gap, emerge out the other...
  2. Lizards
    Hi, My beardie seems to get quite bored in his tank and my old one used to love his climb able back wall so I want to get one for my new dragon the issue is I upgraded vivarium and this one is currently impractical as there is a long light going across the back of the tank and the air vents on...
  3. Snake Pictures
    Made a little visit to my local shop earlier today, and just as I was standing on my tippy toes trying to see the contents of the top shelf vivs, I saw this... Just thought I'd share this cute little guy! :flrt:
  4. Snakes
    Hi all. Still trying acclimatize our new royal python, yesterday found him wrapped round the infra red night bulb as had got in through a cage gap ..... Now secured but he's still trying to climb to get to it. We've removed the plants he was using but has now used the thermometer dials and wires...
  5. Snakes
    Right guys. I need to know if this is something anyone else's snake does or if it's just my little nutjob. So, I've never managed to get pictures of this... Mostly because he always does it at night, and I never manage to get the lights on to take a picture without frightening him. He's in a...
  6. Lizards
    Hi folks, I've got a beautiful male water dragon named keith. He has a 5ft x 3ft x 2ft viv and all the right heating etc.He has been to the vet and had a clean bill of health...however he will not climb?? Not sure why, but he just sits at the bottom of his viv, either on the lower branch or in...
  7. Lizards
    is this normal9b68f44fb0d150449f2f9730cd0898e7.png i have never seen him climb up there before why would he be up there the temperature is 32.5c
  8. Lizards
    I just recently got my crestie its about 7cm long looking at it,anywhay she/he cant climb the glass is this normal.
  9. Lizards
    hi guys, i have a male yemen chameleon whos around 6/7 months old, hes in an exo terra at the moment as a new viv is coming on the 28th but today he has started showing some bright colors greens yellows with spots all over him and is no hanging upside down from the top of the cage! :gasp:he is...
  10. Habitat
    Hi hi! I'm currently up to my eyeballs in pieces of polystyrene as I hack and slash my way through my viv build. I think I'm up to version 4 now (I'm such a perfectionist). I have the idea of putting the food/water bowls on a couple of small rocky looking ledges but I don't know whether a Leo...
  11. Snake Pictures
    Enjoy! :2thumb:
  12. Snakes
    I've currently only owned corn snakes, but next I am considering converting my current vivarium into a tree & water based viv. I was thinking of putting a stage type of thing across the middle of the vivarium to seperate two sides, then put substrate down one side (aspen), and water down the...
  13. Spiders and Inverts
    I decided to try Bean weevils for my spiderlings.. only problem is how much they climb.. i noticed they all gather on the lid and even if I tap them off before opening they have climbed back up within seconds. Soooo.... I played around and found Vaseline brilliant. They dont dare cross it...
  14. Snakes
    I bought him off my bf today, he was active in the first place, but now he has a larger enclosure he is REALLY active, keeps trying to climb, and finds little nooks and crannys to hang off, as he is kept in X aquarium. Lovely boy.: victory:
1-14 of 14 Results