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  1. M.A.H.I.C
    Check out  Mid Anglia Herpetological & Invertebrate Club - Home for more details :)
  2. E.S.R.A.S
    Hello Everyone, Big announcement today the 'NEW & IMPROVED' website is launched today so why not pop over and have a look at all the new content and features it is still the same address E.S.R.A.S.
  3. M.A.H.I.C
    There will be several of our members wandering around the show at Doncaster, as well as a table with our society banner above it. Many of us will be wearing our MAHIC t-shirts/hoodies so if anybody sees us, feel free to stop us and say hello, and please drop by the table for a chat!
  4. Hobby Issues & Information
    The next meeting of the TAWRA is on Sunday 30th of June at 6pm at Team Reptiles and the theme is spiders with our very own Kris "Burmfood". Tyne and Wear Reptile Association was set up in October 2010. We have monthly meetings where reptile keepers old and new to come and meet fellow reptile...
  5. M.A.H.I.C
  6. Snakes
    Could anyone point me in the direction of some reputable rat snake breeders or some notable rat snake clubs, groups or societies? Thanks in advance :-)
  7. General Herp Chat
    Just a quick announcement, if anyone in the Manchester area (or even out of the area) fancies popping along then youre more than welcome. Its £2 per person at the door. Feel free to bring along your reps/inverts etc. Unfortunatelty, reptiles owned for less than 6 months cannot be brought. Hope...
  8. Hobby Issues & Information
    Hi guys, just a quick message to let everybody know LEES will be holding our monthly meeting on Saturday 9th March the meet will be held at the usual venue - The Conference Centre North Mersey Business Centre Woodward Road Knowsley Industrial Park Knowsley L33 7UY We welcome all Exotic...
  9. General Herp Chat
    Hi, iv just moved to the Wirral and was wondering whats up here to do with exotic animals... Any good pets shops or places to visit? Clubs or society's? Any help would be great! Thanks!
  10. Snakes
    This forum is excellent and I'm being helped no end by the advice here. I wondered whether anyone knew of a club where keepers of snakes actually get together to pass on their accumulated wisdom and generally share their interest. I'm just outside Derby.
  11. M.A.H.I.C
  12. P.R.A.S
    The Portsmouth Reptile and Amphibian Society (PRAS) PRAS is a group that actually meets, provides displays and talks for the public and advice to new members/animal keepers. The Club was founded in 1980 by a group of people with a common interest. Over the years the Club has grown both in...
  13. M.A.H.I.C
    Hi all! I thought i would start this forum off with an introduction to our club! The Mid Anglia Herp & Invert Club or MAHIC is a relatively new club officially formed in may 2011. We target members from Suffolk and Essex, we have members from Colchester, Clacton, Harwich, Ipswich...
  14. Hobby Issues & Information
    For all those that are not aware of us! please check out  Mid Anglia Herpetological & Invertebrate Club - Home If you live in or around Ipswich this is the place to be!
  15. Hobby Issues & Information
    The Mid Anglia Herp & Invert Club are running an excursion to Amazonia in Great Yarmouth on the 11th September 2012 The Trip is exclusive to us, we will have the place to ourselves! The price of the trip includes travel and entry. Our coach is departing and returning to the Kingfisher Public...
  16. I.H.S
    Sunday July 15th ~ West Midlands Branch IHS Symposium at Dudley Zoo Speakers ~ Daniel Bennet ~ Topic to be confirmed Paul Coleman ~ Topic to be confirmed Kevin Stevens ~ Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands Graham Skinner ~ Topic to be confirmed Entrance £10 per person Some free tickets...
  17. I.H.S
    Welcome to my official first post as FBH Liason for RFUK. Firstly, I would like to apologise for my lack of forum "mechanics" knowledge and terminology - I'm a self confessed technophobe! I will find my feet, I'm sure. This section is very much work in progress. Over the next few days and...
  18. Hobby Issues & Information
    Hi all Just thought I'd let people know about this group. We have been going for 2 years in July and have been growing steadily. We have monthly meetings where we normally have a talk by either a member or guest speaker. We have a fun quiz and monthly raffle (prizes kindly donated by me). We...
1-20 of 78 Results