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co2 chamber
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    Co2 chambers made to order. 1 like pictured will be £60 and benefits from the use of a refillable bottle that will keep the long term costs down instead of using a disposable bottle.Costs about £2.50 for 2 bottles to be filled. Also uses a quick connect hose so you can just close the valve and...
  2. Equipment Classifieds
    I recently made a couple of CO2 chambers for friends and I brought a quantity of the items needed due to high postal costs. So if anyone wants one I have everthing to make 4 more. Chambers are ready to use and require very minimal assembly. Includes: Tub, valve, regulator, 5 16g CO2...
  3. Feeder
    I'm going to be making up a Co2 chamber, i will be using a RUB for the purpose. I know i need to get a Co2 cannister (from Halfords) & a regulator (also from Halfords) but can someone please tell me what tubing i need to buy please as i'm not sure on the sizing of it :whistling2:. I know i...
  4. Feeder
    i have seen mention of a gas chamber for euthanasing rats and mice as the most humane way to so. my question is how do you actually create or where do u buy one of these chambers from? i am going to be over run my babies soon and need to know urgently please!!!!
1-4 of 4 Results