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  1. EU Shows
    2 SEATS AVAILABLE FOR HAMM SHOW 12th OF MARCH 2016. Very experienced exhibitor at European shows for years, I'll be driving over to Hamm again this March and will have two seats potentially available. Please read the following notes CAREFULLY to make sure this suits you and I'll give interested...
  2. EU Shows
    Hi just wondered if there are any coahces going to Hamm in December or anyone going who has two spare seats?
  3. EU Shows
    Anyone going to Hamm Reptile show (13th September) on a coach or with 2 free seats ? located in Cambridge and am looking to go :-)
  4. IHS Doncaster
    Hailstone travel is doing pick ups all over essex to doncaster show 28th september 2014. Its £48 per person. This includes the journey there and back. If you are on route to doncaster from essex and would like to get on board please contact us and we see what we can do for you. 0845 388 3848...
  5. IHS Doncaster
    I.H.S REPTILE SHOW DONCASTER Sunday 28th September 2014 Reptile lovers and breeders are welcome to this day out. £48 per person (Groups of 10 for £450 = £45 per person) Full Payment on Booking. These prices includes your entry into the event (only if booked 14 days prior to journey date)...
  6. EU Shows
    Hi, Just wondering if anyone is planning on going to Hamm in December this year, as I'm looking to arrange transport there so am looking for either a coach or car share. Please let me know if you have any space available. Thanks
  7. EU Shows
    Hi,we are in the final stages of booking a luxury coach to Hamm,running from the south (Reading services M4,and Ashford services M20).We are just gathering numbers to cover the cost before paying deposit,so if anyone is interested,please PM. £120 inclusive,Leaving Friday night,back early...
  8. Snakes
    Hey, Just curious as to if anyone is selling male Coachwhips, due to mine unfortunately dying? Wild caught or captive. Thanks for any replies in advance!
  9. EU Shows
    Hi all, A group of four of us are looking to go to Hamm in September and are looking to book early. Which companies to coach trips (for comparison of schedule and prices) there other than Coach to the Show and JC Exotics? Cheers! Harry
  10. IHS Doncaster
    Is anyone or does anyone know of any reptile coaches or company's driving from Birmingham to the race way on the 23rd of June to go straight to the show. Need 2 seats. If anyone knows could they send me a link etc. Many thanks!
  11. Reptile Shows & Breeder Meetings
    Already booking up quickly there are a few seats left if anyone is interested feel free to get in touch on 087207 44882! Date of show: 9th March Date of departure: 8th March 6pm from Lincoln Date of return: 10th March Additional pickup points: Birchanger, Thurrock, Folkestone. Cost: £115.00...
  12. EU Shows
    As title really fancy going this year would like to know if there is any coaches/mini buses from the NW or if any sugestions on easy jet from Liverpool to the closest airport (ideally would prefere a coach incase I impulse buy anything lol) Is the coach to the show site down as I have been...
  13. EU Shows
    is anyone running a coach to hamm in march next year or dec this year? could i ask for info on prices etc and all the details, cheers
  14. EU Shows
    Hi hi, just a quick question. Anyone know of any coaches from Newcastle to Hamm next march?
  15. EU Shows
    hi, is anyone doing a coach trip to houten snake day???
  16. EU Shows
    Hi everyone, Does anyone know if any coaches are running from Exeter/Bristol Areas to the September Hamm show, I'm based in Taunton and really want to go this time. Maybe if there is enough interest It would be worth trying to hire a minibus and split the costs? I haven't really looked into...
  17. EU Shows
    Hi, me and my hubby really want to go to the Hamm show in September, does anybody know of any coach trips there with fairly local pick up points? The problem is we don't drive so trying to get to a meeting point somewhere up country is a bit of an issue for us :( It looks like its going to be a...
  18. Snakes
    Hi, not actually sure when the show is, but is anyone doing a coach trip up for that show?
  19. EU Shows
    Right after being asked again on the last Hamm trip i have finally got round to sorting the Verona, Italy show, having worked every scenario and asking passengers what they want we have decided the following rather than have a 2 day drive each way.. This is the show link...
  20. EU Shows
    is there anyone doing a coach for hamm show???
1-20 of 24 Results