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coastal carpet python
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    2018 HYPO TIGER MALE CARPET PYTHON pure coastal (mcdowelli) bred by Andrew Ivison (from UK Pythons stock), prefectly healthy, great temperament. Ready to breed. REDUCED to £300 (Cornwall, courier possible)
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    Male, July 2011 coastal carpet jag. Approx 7', smashing large rats and doing everything he should. Bred by Bladeblaster. Lovely temperament. Never had a single problem with him. Looking for a first class home. Currently in a 3x3x2 viv (also available with/without set up - price negotiable)...
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    Hi, I have for sale my 2011 male Coastal Carpet Python, eating, shedding and pooping fine. Not aggressive but very greedy and a bit bitey because of that. £60 ono. Thanks, Jenni
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    Corn Snakes 0.1 - CB11 Amel, no known hets, sold as female but I have never checked. Eats, poos, sheds, etc. as she should do. £20 ONO 1.0 - CB11 Rootbeer (corn/great plains rat snake hybrid), no known hets, sold as male but I have never checked. Eats, poos, sheds, etc. as he should do...
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    wanting to swap my female coastal carpet python eats sheds and poos fine loves being handled for a nice female boa morph like a hypo or pastal must be able to deliver to middlesbrough
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    for swap is my female coastal carpet python she is 5ft tame eats sheds and poos fine loves being handled feeds on large rat weiner every friday would want to swap her for a nice morph boa dwarf or normal size boa is fine looking for a motley pastal or albino not fussed on it being male or female...
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    for sale is my male carpet he is tame and doing everything he should he is a big lad and ideal for breeding ..... i am looking to swap for a small male jungle or nice male for my jungle female ..... or £50 no viv
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    Anyone know where i can find a COASTAL carpet python. loads of jungles and irian jayas available but cannot find a baby coastal that isnt £1000!!! Help much appreciated, many Thanks, Natasha
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    Young male Coastal Carpet doing all he should. Probably isn't a pure Coastal due to cross locality breeding but he looks it. Asking for around £60 but will consider part exchanges or swaps for female carpet pythons of any locality. I may also soon have for sale a female Zebra x Coastal Carpet...
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    Good morrow fellow snake keepers! I am due to take in a CB13 50/50 female coastal jaguar carpet python from a friend as she is still being rather aggressive after a year of regular handling and my friend has had enough. Now, I have personally never kept a carpet python, let alone a...
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    Hi, Wanted to ask fellow owners of carpets a question about their shedding process. I have always kept royal pythons, but decided on my lovely 2yr old coastal after seeing him in an ad I have housed him in a 4ft viv for the time being, and he himself is a little over 4ft. Question I have is: Can...
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    As title says, got this guy last weekend and was told he's a jcp, but looking at other jcp's he has not got the same style marking, correct me if im wrong but jungles have bands? (Complete rings of black) going down their body? Were as mine has not, top of his spine is almost completely...
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    Been waiting to get some size on these guys before taking photos as Caramels are prone to go through 'ugly teens' stage so now I have a few to show you guys, I hope you enjoy. The male, this guy is outstanding and I could look at him all day! The female, more blacks coming through on her...
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    Kima likes her comfort! Unlike the dog I bought this for, who thought it was a rather amusing chew toy. Glad one of my animals appreciates it!
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    i have a 6ft, 7yr old female high yellow coastal x iran jaya carpet python for sale, if you require pictures PM me your number and i will send you a picture via txt and if you require anymore info just ask :) thankyou
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    IJ x Coastal carpet python, male - cb08. Around 5ft. Feeds on small/mediums. Never nipped, very chilled. Lovely looking healthy snake. Am interested in other boas and pythons so could possible do trades. Message me for detailed pics.
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    Hi everyone For sale i have some baby diamond x coastal carpet pythons. These were born in september 2012. They have all shed twice poo and shed fine. They were all assist feeding but have a couple which i am ready to let go which are strike feeding. I will not sell any snake which isnt a...
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    Hello everyone, do you think that a cb11 Coastal Carpet Python for 81£ is good? Thank you all
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    Could someone recommend a good Care Sheet for a Coastal Carpet Python. Also,what size viv would you say is a good size for an average sized Male
1-20 of 99 Results