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    Female Coastal Carpet Python, around 8-9ft, does everything she should. £50, could come with 5x2x3 viv for extra. Large enough and old enough to breed, but has never been bred. Delivery of snake is possible (for fuel money) but not of the viv, that would need to be collected. Please text me on...
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    Downsizing the collection. Female 2013 hatchling bought at Donny. Gorgeous girl who is an awesome eater and shedder. Slow grown so around 6ftish but plenty of growth in her yet. She eats a large rat every 2-3 weeks. I use a hook to get her out as she's very food orientated, but when she's out is...
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    6ft male Bredli carpet python (pic is of male, my phone will only let me upload 1 pic for some reason. Text me for more of him and the female, she's stunning) 8ft female coastal carpet python Both completely tame and handlable, strike feeding on rats every 10 day's. Both shed whole and are...
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    Pair of I think Coastal Carpet Pythons for sale Both eating well on chicks, rats and quail ,smashing food Have laid one clutch of eggs previously (their first clutch) earlier this year but were slugs so hopeful for them to have a good clutch next year. Male is tame and can be handled Female...
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    2015 Rosy boas for sale: Coastal het albino £65 Albino coastals £120 Mid Baja £75 All looking female Also one adult male coastal het albino £90 Collection Selby, N.Yorks
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    Hi all I am going to offer genuine eastern or coastal bearded dragons (Pogona barbata) for sale. They are the largest of the bearded dragons and will be uk captive bred and sold unsexed. I can offer two unrelated lines, they will be £150 per unsexed baby. Genuine enquiries only please, no...
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    Adult male Coastal het albino Rosy boa. Proven, feeding well on large mice or rat weaners. Good to handle. Only for sale due to having several males including visuals. £100. Collection from Selby, N.Yorks
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    I have a female coastal carpet python in need of a new home. She is around 7 feet long and still growing. Eats well on large rats, large quail, guinea pigs...and pretty much anything else she's offered! Nice active, friendly girl. She loves coming out for an explore and enjoys being handled...
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    2 x approx 1.5-2 ft Coastal Caramel Carpet pythons for sale. CB14 (early)
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    CB14 Female YellowBelly, Strike feeding on defrost Rat Fluffs every week, shes now around 140g, £70 image CB12 Male Pastel Strike feeding on defrost Large Rat Weaners, weighs over 900g, and is in my opinion more than ready to breed, £60 image CB09 Male Spider, Strike feeding on defrost Small...
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    I have 2 CB14 hatchlings available from this year. They are shedding and defecating perfectly, eating very well and have calm temperaments, not nippy at all. Sire is a Pappa New Guinea, Dam is a coastal £20 each £30 for the pair Any questons please pm Can courier at buyers risk and expense
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    Last 2 coastal carpet pythons cb sept 14 £35 each Last 1 macklots python cb sept 14 £75 All bred by myself. Collection preferred but may meet m4/m5
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    as title: 0.1.0 CCP. Does everything as she should. Pics on request. £75 collected.
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    Bred by Brian Trueman - possible caramel lovely classic coastal markings eating large df mice eating pooing shedding great £75 collected from N Somerset Please pm for pics - happy to email as using mobile ap thanks for looking
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    CB09 female coastal proven by me last season 24-0 first clutch. Amazing feeding response but you can handle her fine without problems. She is about 7.5ft in length, sheds and defecates perfectly. Any questions please PM
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    Anyone know where i can find a COASTAL carpet python. loads of jungles and irian jayas available but cannot find a baby coastal that isnt £1000!!! Help much appreciated, many Thanks, Natasha
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    Lara shed last night, (thats 3 night in a row I've had snakes shed, another one is in shed at the minute. The only snake not in shed is housed in a different room!!) so picture and weigh in time. 260g same as 'Jay'. She's looking awesome!! :flrt: links to the photos because they look much...
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    He shed last night so while I was checking him over, took some pics and weighed him. 260g, not bad!! :flrt:
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    does anybody know any breeders in wales who sell carpet pythons:)?
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    2010 red hypo coastal jaguar
1-20 of 181 Results