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  1. Snakes Kudos to the rescuers, a lot riskier than rescuing a non-venomous species (i.e. getting a python out of a dry wall)
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    Hi there, on the look out for False Water Cobras in the Suffolk area. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be appreciated :) Thanks!
  3. Snakes
    I've had people ask how they can get hold of King cobras and other venomous snakes as they would like to be able keep and handle these animals like the guy in the video!?! Absolutely absurd. I hope this type of behaviour does not catch on and ruin it for the responsible people out there. (As we...
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    Up for sale I have an adult female falsie, she's an absolutely beautiful snake, does all she does and smashes food and reasonably handleable. £200 collection st leonards or courier welcome
  5. Snakes
    Hello everyone is anybody selling King Cobras or any type of Cobra please email; [email protected] : victory:
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    False Water Cobra Babies (CB16) 8 Weeks Old All Eaten at least Twice 4 Female/ 6 Males (18+ Only - Venomous) Parents can be Seen on Request Contact us: Email: [email protected] Kim: 07969590108 Amber: 07490 357677
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    1x CB15 Female False Water Cobra 10x CB16 False Water Cobras All £100 each Will be letting them go after they have had 3 feeds and 3 sheds Experienced Keepers as they are rear fanged venomous Will except lowest of £80 for the CB15 female Pictures of each will be up tomorrow All will be...
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    2015 Female false water cobra het hypo Has good days and grumpy days can be handled fine on good days. Has the biggest feeding response I have ever seen absolutely smashes wiener rats. poos and sheds fine just about 3ft long Very fast snake and rear-fanged will get large not a snake for...
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    CB 15 Baby False Water Cobras for sale asking for £100 each.
  10. Snake Classifieds
    Wanted false water cobra, Located north yorkshire so closer the better
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    1.1 Yearling false waters, doing every thing they should. Can happily take them to September Donny if need be.
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    CB14 1.1 false water cobras, eating, pooing, shedding as they should. any questions feel free to ask.
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    can send pictures by contacting me or if you want to make an offer, no time wasters please Am selling due to going to university, also have a king rat snake for sale. Coming up to 2 foot and hoods and gets stroppy but its never tried to bite me its all bluff.
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    I am looking for a hypo/super false water cobra. Must be very young, hatchling preferably, i have a female hypo salmon het albino boa i am willing to trade or will pay cash if not. Please let me know if you have one or know someone who may. Thank You.
  15. DWA Species
    Rattlesnake Canyon is proud to announce that we are now approved as Birmingham's ONLY shop to be able to sell DWA animals. As such we have various species available :- Eyelash Viper cb'14 White Lipped Pit-viper Hundred Pace Pit Viper cb'14 Albino Monocled Cobra cb'15 Pigmy Rattlesnake...
  16. General Herp Chat
    Join us on an epic 2 week herping adventure in Morocco in April 2016, as we search for chameleons, cobra’s, puff adders and much more, including the*incredibly beautiful Saharan Horned Viper. We will traverse a*range of diverse habitats, from trekking in the*High Atlas mountains*to safari's...
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    Hi all, ive got a female falsie for sale, was born in August of last year, eats fine poos fine and is tolerant to handling. Am open to sensible offers on her and open to swaps Pick up only or could deliver for fuel cost depending of distance. Pics on request
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    can someone plz pour light on this snake?
  19. Snake Pictures
    Doing a bit of cleaning today, so thought I'd take some photos of the animals before hand. Thanks for looking
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    Does anyone know of any cobra breeders in the UK, or could point me in the right direction? (I realize that I'd need a license to keep said cobra). Or am I completely out of luck? :S
1-20 of 116 Results