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  1. Snake Classifieds
    I have for sale my 2ft male water cobra and a 3ft viv with fitted bulb holder and heat matt. Sorry I'm keeping the thermostat. Snake is in perfect condition and has never missed a feed. Sheds fine to. Please note collection only for cash. If you want pictures please give me your email as I can't...
  2. Snake Classifieds
    Aspidelaps lubricus lubricus -Cape Coral Cobra CB11 DWAL HOLDERS ONLY- We have been offered this from one of our wholesalers If anyone is interested please call us asap as there is only one of these available and will only be obtained to order with deposit and proof of dwa licence together...
  3. Snake Classifieds
    Hi. I'm selling my false water cobra. It is a male In great condition. Never refused a feed and sheds fine. I am looking for £70 or any serious offer. Please research this species before committing your self these snakes can give a nasty bite and are venomous. You do not need a dwa for one...
  4. DWA Classifieds
    1.0 08 puff adder taking warm f/t rats £80 1.1 sharp nosed vipers (hundred pace vipers) taking f/t rats proven £300pair 0.1 snout nosed cobra taking f/t rats £125 1.1 southern copper heads (proven) taking f/t mice/weaners £160pair unsexed baby puff adders taking f/t pinkies/fluffs £35 each can...
  5. DWA Species
    Hello i would like to ask people to post pictures of there king cobra's please. :flrt:
  6. Snake Classifieds
    due to down sizing im selling the following:- 0.1 fwc 09 taking f/t adult mice,good temprement(i know rare ha) £90 1.1 fwc 08 taking f/t weaners/sm rats, good temprements(breedable) £250pr 0.1 yellow belly royal 09 fussy but takes hot defrost mice £180 1.0 spider 09 taking f/t mice/rat pups...
  7. DWA Classifieds
    1.1 08 puff adders taking warm f/t rats £95 each 1.1 sharp nosed vipers (hundred pace vipers) taking f/t rats proven £350 pair 0.1 snout nosed cobra taking f/t rats £185 1.1 southern copper heads (proven) taking f/t mice/weaners £195 pair unsexed baby puff adders taking f/t pinkies/fluffs £65...
  8. Snakes
    One of my all time favourite snakes is the False Water Cobra but these are generally for the more experienced I here. What order of snakes do any of you think i should own before getting one. For instance, a friend said: Corn Snake - Western Hognose - King Rat Snake - False Water Cobra
  9. Snakes
    as title states not to piccy i already have one and like them so much i want more :-) send me a pm with details
  10. Snake Classifieds
    09 female false water cobra, around 4ft, easy to handle, taking f/t mice/weaner rats every 7 days, eats/sheds/poos fine, lovely snake, very nice colours, very cheap at £90, all pms answered though no more time wasters (u know who u are):bash:
  11. Snakes
    Went along to Reptile World in Plymouth yesterday whom have a few venomous snakes on display for a few days (borrowed from The Reptile Zone). Thought I'd share a few pics of a couple of those on display - not the best pics as taken with my phone but OK. King Cobra: Albino Western Diamond...
  12. DWA Species
    Reptile World plymouth is holding a venomous weekend this saturday and sunday come along for some banter and see some great snakes
  13. Snake Classifieds
    hiya we have for sale a pair of samarensis cobras for sale DWA/PSL only
  14. Snake Classifieds
    09 Female fwc very nice example, never bitten, taking f/t mice/sm rats, need space so reduced to £100, can be picked up from west Yorkshire or Lincolnshire, all pm's answered
  15. Snake Classifieds
    09 Female FWC for sale, Taking f/t mice/sm rats, eats/sheds/poos fine, fine to handle, never struck or bitten, selling as I have a pair and she's surplus, can't upload pics but can email/ txt them, all pm's answered
  16. Snakes
    Check this guy,i could prob do better but good all the same :whistling2: King Cobra Master - Unbelievable! - YouTube
  17. Snake Classifieds
    As in title I'm selling a 0.1 false water cobra, she's a fanfastic snake, taking f/t weaner rats and adult mice, eats every time, sheds/ poos fine, easy to handle (though I normally use a snake hook to get her out), she's quite light in colour and around 4ft in length, I'll try and get some pics...
  18. Snake Classifieds
    False Water Cobra (Male) Wanted :no1: Willing to collect for right price (not really interested in special morphs) : victory:
  19. Snakes
    Hi Guys, I plan on building a few large vivs in the future for my Falsie, Taiwan and Boa. I am trying to figure out what size viv to make as, the internet isnt really helping. These sizes are what I have planned but, if anyone disagrees, please tell me. Would a: 6 x 3 x 2 be suitable for a...
  20. Snakes
    Oh, the Snake Bites - YouTube I've just discovered this video of a wrestling match from the 90s. Jake the snake Roberts holding an angry king cobra which proceeded to bite the crap out of Randy Savage. Is this a real (albeit venomoid King) or just an elaborate fake? (Looks pretty real to me...
61-80 of 116 Results