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    I am wanting to rehome, either and African Grey or a Cockatoo, I already have a cage ready and waiting. Must be child friendly Hayley
  2. Avian
    Hi Guys I am in the market for a Parrot, either an African Grey or Cockatoo, I have a cage ready and waiting. I am looking into rather rehoming than purchasing a chicklet! I would rather do it this way than any other, cos I know you guys love your pets :2thumb: Hayley
  3. Avian
    My husband and I have made the excrutiatingly painful decision to put our stunning Citroen crested cockatoo up for sale. My husbands work is moving us abroad and we don't feel it is in Tangos best interest to put him through a long haul flight and a long stint in quarantine. Tango is in good...
  4. Avian
    I'll try keep this short as possible, I recently had a cockatoo brought for me, and his previous owners never had him out of the cage. He has plucked at his feathers, the pic does not show the extent to which he has done so. He has shown a real dislike to my brother and has pecked at myself...
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    Birds Hand reared hahns macaw £595 green lineolated parakeet £50 blue lineolated parakeets £65 pied mauve lionelated parakeet £100 1 year old sulphur crested cockatoo £650 Hand reared many coloured parakeets £120 each Hand reared baby African grey £850 Hand reared green quaker parrots £225 or...
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    For sale is my presumed female bare eyed cockatoo- has not beem dna tested so cannot be 100% on sex. Hand reared around 4\5 years old tame and talking. Loves to dance and cuddle- gets on with both males and females. Very affectionate little bird with all the personality of its larger cousins...
  7. Avian
    the boss (my mum) says that she refuses to have anything other than bird/s. can i have a list of small - medium birds?(ex. budgies). i don't need questioning i just need a list, it's too hot to be moaned at over the internet :Na_Na_Na_Na:.. don't have to be parrots btw
  8. Avian
    is it just me or is £900-£4,500 for a cockatoo or macaw a bit expensive? looking to get a cockatoo in the next few months and i've been looking at them for quite a long time and the cheapest i've seen it £600, are they worth that amount of money? (this isn't my very first bird btw)
  9. Avian Classifieds
    delivery can be arranged throughout uk and to major european shows deposit will secure any snake for up to 4 week up to £500 and up to 8 weeks for over £501 any ore info ring the shop on 01623 431939 or send a pm or check our website pics can be emailed or text to a...
  10. Avian Classifieds
    100% Genuine bird. Immaculate condition, feather perfect, strong flyer. 6 years old. Very steady but breeding home only not a pet. £650.
  11. Avian Classifieds
    Due to heart attack I'm now having to get rid of my Snakes and setups. 3 fibreglass vivs these are show standards. 1 3 foot viv beach Several heaters and stats Heat mats Feeding bowls Several rubs Probes 1 male royal python about 980 gram 1 female royal python about same 1 male spider royal...
  12. Fish Keeping
    Hi All, Recently set up a 70l (60x30x39cm) well planted tank, 26c with a ph of 6-6.5 for a pair of cockatoos. At the moment its just the pair of them and four leopard danios in there. Could anyone suggest some possible tankmates to go in there? I was thinking along the lines of...
  13. Lizard Classifieds
    I know this isn't a sale/buy post, but my local Stockport Reptile shop has been burgled and there is a chance the people responsible could be selling on here. Lots and lots of reptiles were stolen including tortoises, bearded dragons, leopard geckos, all kind of snakes and other lizards, a PINK...
  14. Avian Classifieds
    Bronze turkey £25 Slate turkey £30 Cockatiel £25 Coloured cockatiel £35 lutinos/ white faced Budgie £15 Love bird pair £55 Canary £15 Zebra finch £6 or 2 for £10 Chinese painted quail pair £15 Coloured Chinese painted quail pair £20 Red factor canary £25 Diamond dove trio with cage £50 Buttercup...
  15. Avian Classifieds
    Proven breeding pair of Blue Fronted Amazons (both talk) £600 Proven breeding pair of Orange Winged Amazons £400 Proven breeding pair of Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo's (hen partly plucked on chest) hence £850. Cock Triton Cockatoo (tame with women) £750.
  16. Domestic & Exotics Classifieds
    Proven breeding pair of Blue Fronted Amazons (both talk) £550 Proven breeding pair of Orange Winged Amazons £400 Proven breeding pair of Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo's (hen partly plucked on chest) hence £750. Cock Triton Cockatoo (tame with women) £750.
  17. Misc Reptile & Exotics Classifieds
    Male cockatoo 4 yrs old Extremely Tame,has the ring to prove he was hatched & hand reared in the uk Loves cuddles,lifts his wings up to be tickled.mimicks telephone & says a few words Very easy to handle and get in and out of his cage,ask him to step up and he will step onto your arm/shoulder...
  18. Snakes
    Hi, Does anyone keep Snakes and Parrots? We have a Boa Snake, who's a 7ft+ male (probed) and in very good health. I have always wanted a Cockatoo since I was a young boy, but I've been told that Parrots and Snakes can't be kept in the same household!!! The reason is because the dust from the...
1-18 of 23 Results