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coco fibre background
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  1. Habitat
    hi folks used a cocofibre type background in an exoterra viv in the past it has moulded areas where plants can be placed setting up a viv and would like to use it again but cant remember the product name any ideas anyone please
  2. Habitat
    Hi All, I saw some posts a while ago that i now for the life of me cannot find! I saw what looked like background boards made from cocohusk type stuff (or dirt) that was used as back and side walls in a vivarium... Either way it looked pretty natural and an easy alternative to doing the whole...
  3. Habitat
    Hi im need of saving my backround befor i bin it, ive started on a backround on a home made viv for my two crestis, the problem i have is getting the eco dirt it stick to my backround which ive done out of spray foam i know people use sillcone and ive tryed it on one part but ive burned thourgh...
  4. Habitat
    Hey guys just wondering who uses these? Is it possible to plant any plants onto them ? cheers, Ryan
1-4 of 4 Results