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    Hello, Looking for any advice from those who have hatched newborn lizards. I have a collared Lizard who was born a few days ago and I've noticed she won't stop shaking, her legs and feet are constantly twitching and she seems to have poor coordination. I'm confident the set up is accurate as I...
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    Hi there, I am selling several pairs of Golden Headed Collared Lizards (Crotaphytus collaris auriceps). They are cb from Europe and the USA (imported by me as babies) and I can offer unrelated animals, I have had them for 2 years and all have been brumated twice. Without doubt one of the...
  3. Lizards
    A couple of weeks ago I started to notice my female collared getting a little plump and lumpy around her stomach. She’s been housed with a male since the start of this year (thought I was getting another female but then the ‘female’ started developing 2 little bumps under ‘her’ tail, and turning...
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    Hello there :) This is my male Madagascan spiny tailed collared lizard(Oplurus cuvieri). This species is a bit of mystery as there are no care sheets online for them and you don't hear about them too often. i wonder if there are any other owners of these awesome little guys out there? His...
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    looking for a 1:2 or bigger group of Eastern/Western collared lizards. Will consider unsexed juveniles... Midlands area preferred but will travel to collect further afield if needed
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    Proven pair.4ft viv.and stand.double t5 light.
  7. Lizard Classifieds
    Baby eastern collared lizards.born end of March.feeding and growing well.also cb adult male for sale.
  8. Lizard Classifieds
    Captive bred male and baby's.male is about 1.5 years old.babies only a couple of weeks so will be available soon.male £55 babys(unsexed)at £50
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    I'm a first time owner of this gorgeous little lady, eastern collared lizard, she's 9month old and settling in brilliantly. I love her!!!
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    Does any one on here breed or have they seen on there travels any of the green with yellow heads eastern collared lizzards? Been keeping westerns for a few years and would love to get one of these guys but have never come across any....
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    Hi guys. Sorry for spamming the forums but he is my first lizard so I want him to be as healthy as possible. For the last 3-4 days he has not been eating. I know its getting colder and you might think brumation may be a factor but he is only a 5 month old juvenile and from what I heard...
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    has anyone kept eastern collared lizard, if so would you recommend them.
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    He finished shedding a couple of days ago and today I realised he doesn't have any scales on the inside of his right ankle! His left ankle has scales. Is he ok? Should I go see the vet? The missing scales might not have been due to the shedding (i have no idea). He seems active enough though...
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    First post! I am a first time reptile keeper and I got a western collared lizard two weeks ago and recently he/she developed a super saggy lower jaw/jowl/neck. FACTS: He/she is 4months old (don't know how to sex yet) Eats like a pig (stopped at 18 crickets one morning because I was getting...
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    This Is my new collared lizard......
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    Hi Looking for 1/2 Eastern Collared Lizards to go with my lonely male... Can collect within 50miles of Tamworth, or willing to arrange a courier Thanks
  17. Lizards
    looking for collared lizard in the Manchester area but can travel if close
  18. Lizards
    i want something to be my friend,i can bond with,and look at.ive narrowed down my choices too herman or greek tortoise,bearded dragon,leopard gecko,collared lizard.which one should i get?and do you recommend any other reptile,animal?
  19. Lizards
    what reptile should i get and why?a herman or greek tortoise or bearded dragon,collared lizards or leopard geckos?or what other reptiles,amphibians would you advise me to get? new to this forum and reptiles alike. owner of 4 fire bellied toads
1-19 of 55 Results