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  1. Aquatics Classifieds
    I have for sale three breeding colonies of cichlids, yellow lab (Labidochromis caeruleus), Golden Mbuna (Melanochromis auratus), and an unknown blue species. There are around 40 in total and all are eating and multiplying quickly. Any questions please get in touch.
  2. Food Classifieds
    Hi does anyone have an excess of Dubia cockroaches I can purchase to start my own breeding colony off?
  3. Lizards
    I'm doing an assignment for college on the sourcing of exotic animals, and one section of it is to list reptiles that must live alone as well as listing reptiles that prefer living in groups. Can anyone give me suggestions of some reptiles to list? Thanks! :2thumb: (Also, new member so...
  4. Invert Classifieds
    Hi all, Up for sale I have quite a few queens and colonies. Each will come in their own test tube with an extensive care sheet and an ant jelly for free. They will be sent 1st class postage. - Harvester queen ant (Messor barbarus) £10.00 - Yellow Meadow queen ant + 1-2 workers (Lasius...
  5. Lizards
    Hi guys, what gecko's or small lizards thrive in colonies? Obviously large, natural enclosures. I read an article on barking gecko's, certainly got my interest. I enjoy watching animals who have social interactions, with natural and large set-up's. Would like to know more about other...
  6. Food Classifieds
    My Dubai colony has just began to boom, so i have lots of roaches to get rid of, i have around 200 females to shift, a similar number of males, and an uncountable number of nymphs. PM me to let me know specific numbers of roaches or colonies, and i am sure i will be able to put something...
  7. Food Classifieds
    I have a limited stock of mainly adult roaches - male and female. It's first come first served! If you have something in mind PM me. Please be very specific on numbers and sex. Adult Females: 20p each Adult Males: 15p each FREE P&P - Minimum £10 order They are sent well packaged, including...
  8. Lizard Classifieds
    Hi There, I'm looking for anyone out there with a colony of Phelsuma Klemmeri ( neon day gecko ) for sale to contact me. I'm interested in pairs as well. :2thumb: Hope someone can help Kind Regards and thanks in advance! Andrew
  9. Food Classifieds
    I have a limited stock of mainly sub adult and adult roaches - male and female. I can do some small startup colonies. If you have something in mind PM me. Please be very specific on numbers and sex and then I can calculate the cost for you. The price quoted will include P&P. They are sent...
  10. Feeder
    Hi, I am thinking of starting some fo my own breeding colonies of livefood for my two lizards. I already have a colony of mealworms and morioworms. I am planning to start breeding dubias soon but for now I would like to start first with either crickets or locusts. So I would like to see...
  11. Food Classifieds
    My Dubia colony has exploded recently so have some spare. I have made up a few starter colonies which consist of: 20 adult females 5 adult males 25 large female 5 large males 150 medium/small They are fed on a mixture of dried cat food, fish flakes, cheerios, calcium & nutrabol and are...
  12. Food Classifieds
    Hi, This is a have two XL Dubia Roach colonies (all sizes) for sale. I have not counted these but am estimating 1000's of cockroaches. They are fully established and come with egg trays, a modified for purpose box (currently housed in this -similar to a RUB) and food/water crystals...
  13. Snakes
    i have 3 male corns in separate vivs they are all fully grown i was wondering first of all if 3 males would be able to live in the same viv, also what size viv i would need and any changes i would need to make in my setup:2thumb: thank in advance
  14. Food Classifieds
    Hi Guys, Silkworms are commonly known as the greatest feeder availabe for many reptiles and exotic pets. A fantastic nutritious staple feeder that if the finances permitted, would be a main feeder for most! Well now we offer starter colonies, the advantage here is not only the great price, but...
  15. Invert Classifieds
    Black ant queen's - Lasius niger. Email for a fixed price or check ebay listings at: richardsmith2005 listings Ant Colony (Queen, 25 workers & brood) - Myrmica rubra. £19.90. [email protected]
  16. Invert Care Sheets
    How to care for Pandinus Imperator This is a simple care sheet explaining the basic needs for Pandinus imperator also known as the Emperor or the Imperial scorpion. EQUIPMENT NEEDED 1 X enclosure 24x12x12in/60x30x30cm 1 X Heat mat or light bulb with fixtures (depending on what method...
  17. Food Classifieds
    Small Colonies for Sale 10 Adult Females 10 Adult Males 10 Large 20 Medium 100 Smalls £30 Inc Postage All Colonies Will Be Posted 1st Class
1-17 of 17 Results