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  1. Snakes
    Do leucistic rat snakes change in color as they grow? Specifically I am wondering if they become more pure white with age. Most of the hatchling and younger leucistic rat snakes I have seen have a yellow or pinkish tone to them (sometimes both). Both I dont recall ever seeing an adult...
  2. Genetics
    So, for the past months I've seen a few charts showing the different colors that occur in red foxes and arctic foxes. However, the charts you might have found and looked at are ALL either wrong or incomplete!!! I'm just saying because many start confusing one color with another, etc.... you...
  3. Lizards
    Sydney doesn't have any striking marks along his back, he is not particularly light in color. He does show orange coloring around his eyes, along his jawline and on his beard, his pupils are a bright golden color. I have no idea about the coloring of his mam or dad. I am not sure on how to...
  4. Lizard Classifieds
    Hi for sale sunglow leopard gecko. Hatched the start of may 12. Incubated for females. Eating 4 small locust every other day plus mealworm daily. Eats,sheds,poos fine. Nice colourful gecko. Weighs 9g Thanks for looking.
  5. Lizard Pictures
    No.1 Smeagle No.2 Mocha (left) Spyro (right) No.3 Dal No.4 Ninja dave No.5 Betty page No.6 Goliath
  6. Equipment & Supplies
    As per title, does anyone have any good ideas to change the color of our Beardy viv?It's currently mahogany but we are going with a black and White theme in our new lounge and would like the tank to match. The tank is wooden with the fake mahogany style plastic coating. I was told this cannot be...
  7. Snakes
    just wondered about the colors of lampropeltis getula californiae, and then thought of all you clever peeps inhere : victory: google has not been my friend on this subject, but i've found out there's the following colors and patterns (please correct me if im wrong) colors coastal...
  8. Lizards
    Hello all! I have recently noticed that my leopard gecko changes color, depending on how much light is in her tank. When It's dark, (even with the blue light on) she turns almost grey. However, if I turn the bright light on she turns yellow within a few minuets. I know that there is nothing...
  9. Snakes
    Recently i have noticed that my corn snake has been acting rather unlike himself. he has become very unactive and has decided recently to bury himself under the aspen for hours and even days at a time. He has also become very light in colour to what he normally appears, and has not been active...
  10. Lizards
    leopard gecko is turning dark grey and it is a blizzard gecko help!
  11. Lizards
    Heya. I have a beardie who has some reallly pretty red marking and having had a beardie before her who was a uniform browny color i was wondering if u guys knew why she is different?:smile:
  12. Lizards
    Hi, can someone please tell me what these colours on my 2 (believed to be) male bearded pygmy chams.
1-12 of 12 Results