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    for sale or swap adult common boa male he is around 6 years old and around 8 feet long really chunky guy has never bitten but is very boistrous only selling as he needs a bigger viv but i havnt got room so any swaps would have to be for smaller snakes would like royals corn snakes anything that...
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    As title common boa for sale he is a big boy around 8 feet long and really heavy not sure on weight have not weight him for a while he is very active and boisterous when out but has never bitten he feeds well every 10 days on rats,guinea pigs and rabbits only selling as he needing a bigger viv...
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    Looking for an Adult Male Boa Constrictor. Age from 5 years old. Any type of species interested, doesn't matter which color. Important, we could available to meet in Central London. My budget £100-200, depend from the type.
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    Very reluctant rehoming due to moving where snakes aren't allowed. This is my (approx) 2 year old common boa. About 5ft long. Uncomfirmed female (was sold to me as male). Excellent feeder - on med rats currently. Great temperament when out and being handled. I really need to find a new home...
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    Never been bred, 6-7 foot long, good feeder & nice and healthy. I have no vivs available for sale but I have thermostats, heatmats, ceramics, etc for sale Collection from Blackpool fy1 Will accept a courier. I normally use the reptile room which is £45 Uk Mainland No offers, I have...
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    Common boa het kahl albino can come with Exo Terra set up for £70 although he could do with a bigger set up. £40 for just the snake. 3 years old. Very tame very friendly and male .. eats medium rats fortnightly approximately 4 foot. I haven't bred him myself. I took in the snake from someone...
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    I'm selling my adult male boa, he is really friendly and good to handle. Approximately 6ft long and doing everything he should. Please send me a private message if interested. He is collection only as I can't drive.
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    Posting on behalf of a friend without an account. This snake is only young, a year and a few months, otherwise healthy. She's had him since the end of feb this year. He has these lumps that keep just coming and going, it can be there one minute, gone the next. He has been treated by the vet...
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    Hi, I am looking for a good home for an adult common boa (bci) which we unfortunately need to sell due to a change in our circumstances which makes it impractical to keep him. He is about 7 years old and approximately 7 feet, eats/sheds etc. without any issue, and is generally a great snake...
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    My pair of common boas have produced some absolutely beautiful babies, born June 2016, all have shed and will have fed at least three times before I'm willing to let them go. I'm based in Calne, Wiltshire £25 each ono.
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    I have 65 common boa babies for sale. at present they are a few days old and Will be ready for sale in about 3 wks once they have shed and fed twice. A large choice to choose from.
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    Apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum, but just wondering what the likelihood is that common boa's will be available at Doncaster next week, are they usually in good supply? Only been down once and that was a good few years ago! Thanks in advance.
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    Recently rescued but too large for me to handle. Looking for experiences owners only. Happy to reduce price if buyer can provide larger housing for her! Very pretty snake and very active. Boa is approx 7ft xx
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    I have 3 sunglow babies, 7 normals and 4 morphs, all beautiful snakes, eating well and very placid, really want to go to good home, please no timewaters, Normal.... £35 or 2 for £50 morph.... £50 or 2 for £75 Sunglow...£175
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    Selling my gorgeous male BCI common boa. He's 09, not far off 8 feet long, lovely clean pattern, handles and feeds well on defrost large or jumbo rats. Looking for £75. Change of personal circumstances forcing sale. I need him to go to a really good home. Also have a 5x2x2 ft viv in very good...
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    Stunning girl around 2 years old, eats great, poos etc. Shes quite viv defensive will need handling, have never been bit by her but shes very defensive. Will get pics as soon as i can, will courier at buyers cost. Any questions please ask but no time wasters please i need this girl gone asap i...
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    Does anyone have any idea what this is? I recently took this snake on for a friend, and he has cracked underbelly scales
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    Reluctantly I'm selling my common boa. She is approximately 2 years old. Strike feeding every time without fail on large weener rats. Sheds and poos like she should. Friendly girl, inquisitive and active. Beautiful colours and striking markings. I'll be sad to see her go but I'm concentrating on...
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    Male common boa for sale Hes around 3 and a half years old I have had him since 9 months old but I'm having to sell all my reptiles now. I'm only looking for £30 for him to ensure he goes to a good home He can strike out every now and again when it comes to feeding but still has...
1-19 of 321 Results