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  1. Lizards
    A friend of mine has asked if I could put a message on here to ask if anyone is involved in the Conservation of the Common Lizard we have here in Britain. He says he has great memories of collecting them as a kid and would love to be involved with something where he'd get a bit of interaction...
  2. Wildlife
    Here's some common lizards for you, I'd never seen one until today when we saw three at a nature reserve. :lol: I want to steal them and had to resist very very hard to pick them up and play with them.
  3. Wildlife
    Thought I would share some photos with you guys of what I have found out and about this April. Gorgeous Male Adder. Lovely chunky female Common Lizard Another Male And another Common Lizard Have had lots of fun taking these photos and hunting these beautiful reptiles, hope you...
  4. Lizards
    Hello people, As the university term is underway I find my brain acutely focus to everything other than my chosen subject. At the moment I'm preoccupied with the lizard native to us - Zootoca/Lacerta Vivipara or the Common lizard. Is anyone on here keeping them at present? Does anyone breed...
  5. Lizards
    Went out field herping today in the Kelling Heath area of north Norfolk and saw this lizard. At first I thought it was the Common Lizard and am still leaning towards that because Norfolk doesn't have a sand lizard community. However this is a very patterned specimen and in someways it resembles...
  6. Wildlife
    spotted this beauty today, having a bask on a log at the london wetland centre... yesterday i lifted a felt and found this chap... on Feb 16th i had these two (plus another under the tin next to this one) and great crested grebes are doing this... SPRING IS (almost) HERE!
  7. Lizard Pictures
    Photo courtesy of my husband, 6Strings. This juv common was little more than a black speck, on a rock by a local lake but our new camera has better eyes than us, so we were privileged to be shown this detail.
  8. Wildlife
    OK we don't have too much to shout about in Ireland when it comes to reptiles, however, I was out with the camera today to an old stomping ground from a few years back - the whole area is relatively undisturbed - I was delighted to see these little guys sunning themselves....always great to see...
  9. Wildlife
    nice article by Kate Bradbury on our native reptiles and encouraging them into your gardens.. Drawn to scale: Attracting reptiles to your garden | Life and style | my only gripe is she spelled my name with a W i felt honoured to break her slow worm and grass snake duck.
  10. Wildlife
    First two lacerta Vivpara male lizards out basking in the woods today.
  11. Wildlife
    the London Wetand Centre has a new podcast and it features common lizards... Autumn Podcast 2 - Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) :blush:
  12. Lizard Pictures
    Day off work today so I thought I'd go out and look for Lacerta vivipara - Common Lizard. I haven't checked on these guys for a few years now but the usual places I used to find them showed nothing but it was an overcast windy day and these spots usually produce on boiling hot days. I drove to...
  13. Lizards
    I'm really interested in what everyone's first ever reptile sighting was in the wild - UK or abroad. This comes from finding a sand lizard this evening on heathland in South Devon - MY FIRST EVER REPTILE SIGHTING :2thumb:. They're stunning creatures. I'm really excited as I hear they're the...
  14. DWA Species
    Wasn't sure whether to put these here or in the field herping section, but I'm sure a friendly mod will move them if they deem it necessary. I went out today with an interesting experiment in mind... would the Adders I see most days at my local patch accept a f/t fuzzy mouse as prey? I know...
  15. Wildlife
    then what is a lizard in the hand worth?
  16. Wildlife
    1st Common Lizard was sighted on the 4th of March(same area as the Adders) it took off very quick, so i only captured a couple of shots. I then returned to the same area today(7th of March) and found 2 other lizards. It was a waiting game though, because these lizards were very shy, and the...
  17. Wildlife
    if you live in or around Medway and want to see some wild reptiles, Darland banks is packed full of lizards. There are adders too but I've never managed to get a photo of one. the furry blob in the middle of this photo is a bank vole (the white circle is the flash reflecting off its left eye)
  18. Lizards
    Hi, i need some urgent help please! My girlfriend and I were out walking the dog yesterday in the country and we walked up an old sand quarry road when we stumbled upon a small lizard on the road (which is covered with ice). We were shocked as never seen a lizard in Scotland before and didn't...
  19. Wildlife
    today... i was licked by a common lizard. had a slow worm pee on me. and had a grass snake musk on me (luckily it didn't poo). that's what i call a good day!
  20. Lizard Pictures
    Hi. I was up in Cumbria for few days and was lucky enough to see and catch a few common lizards so I thought I'd share, they were all in really good condition as well apart from one which looked like it had a regenerated tail but no problems there. Enjoy :)
1-20 of 22 Results