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    I have for sale all CB17 0.1 - Conda het albino poss het axanthic - £125 1.0 - Albino Conda - £135 1.0 - Extreme red line Conda - £70 If you buy all 3, i do a discount = £300 I live in Cambridge and normally would only accept collection in person. I would consider courier if organised by the...
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    Hi everyone, I've recently come across this hoggie advertised as a female conda; however, it doesn't scream conda to me and based on the parents, could be a normal. Can anyone give me their opinion on whether this is a low expression conda or just a normal? Thanks! :2thumb: Image here...
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    Up for sale is one of the hold backs I've decided to sell from my breedings in 2016. 2016 male toffee belly anaconda western Hognose (66 % possible het albino) Superb condition and health,Feeding without fail on fuzzy mice and nicely established/ grown on. £350 Pm me for more details :2thumb:
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    I have various babies for sale all hatched in July 2016 1st I have 2 Male Anaconda Morph Babies 100% Het Albino £80 each no offers (1 of the males will only take salmon scented pinkies but is a great feeder otherwise) 2nd I have 3 unrelated pairs of normal 100% Het Albino babies £40 a pair no...
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    Male yellow conda and set up hes about 7ft and eats rats he can be worked with but can and will bite if given the chance please email me as i dont use rfuk much these days [email protected]
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    I am looking for an axanthic hognose, preferably a conda. Or a conda het axanthic. If anyone has something suitable please let me know. Considering an axanthic superconda project.
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    Adult Conda het Albino Female Hognose.I bred from her last season pairing her with a snow male producing many stunning hatchlings including albino condas. I haven't paired her this year as she came out of brumation a little under weight, but is steadily putting it all back on and may well still...
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    Het albino female 386 grams £120 normal female 357 grams £120 normal female 319 grams £100 All had the winter sleep and are now eating large mice weekly. all shed perfect too Also have a male conda 70 grams £90
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    Some of this years hatchlings are now ready to be put up for sale. They are all feeding on frozen thawed, unscented pinkies every 5 days. I currently have the following available: 2.0 - Albino Anacondas (£450 each) - hatched 29/6/2015 0.1 - Albino (£100) - hatched 27/6/2015 1.0 - Anaconda Het...
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    CB 13 Proven adult male anaconda het albino hognose. has been cooled and all ready to see the ladies, he sadly just does not fit into our plans this year. Any questions feel free to ask.
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    Hi all, I'm selling an adult female 2010 extreme red albino female hog. She is direct from Justin mitchams extreme red line and around 300+ grams empty. I bred her for the first time last year but have rested her this year to concentrate on other projects, she has plenty more breeding years in...
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    As title said this weekend only a 2013 baby anaconda 100% het albino western hognose female This is a silly price as I'm giving up reptile keeping and need to sell up She is 4 days old and has not shed yet so has yet to have a feed hench the price but after the weekend ill be offering feed and...
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    Hi as i said have a a collection off hognose for sale or swap only reason for sale is I want to concentrate on a joint venture with my brother with royal pythons will trade for royal female morphs or sell as group or individuals will try get some pics up over the next few days (when I work out...
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    Check this guy out. One of the coolest condas I have seen. Glad I was able to snatch this one up.
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    for sale through no fault of his own is my yellow anaconda. cb09 approx five footish male very tame for a conda never even tryd to bite ring or text for a faster response 07564143423 and snakeybeth from northeast dont even botha ringing me you have already wasted my time!!!
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    LISBURN MEN FIND GIANT SNAKE IN THE AMAZON - Lisburn Today some pics of it l'anaconda
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    Hi, first of, I'm not even thinking about getting an Anaconda at the moment, but I am very interested Anaconda's and I think they are beautiful snakes, and one day in the future after I have a had more years experience and not living with a parent, I would really like one of these. Here's the...
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    I am looking for some advice on these snakes please, i have read some care sheets but would like some breeder or keeper advice please there stunning snakes that dont go too large. thanks shaun
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    I have a female Yellow Anaconda shes about 5ft and a nice size feeding shedding pooping ect perfect. Possible sale if there's any interest. My wife is willing to help me with every other snake apart from my yellow annie she can be handled when in the mood but is rather prone to nipping you...
1-19 of 23 Results