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    Hi all I am looking for some BRB's preferably young ones but I am also looking for adults as well. PM me if you have any with age size lrice etc I can travel to collect as well. Greg
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    This is an anerythristic boa painting done in black and white acrylic paint and is the latest of my paintings I have posted on my facebook page If anyone is interested in this piece or having something similar done then please don't hesitate to contact me for...
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    As tittle state's I have a cb09 male CA motley boa for sale. Bred by Peter Rice Reptiles with paperwork. He is poss proven later on this month. Kept him nice and small as you can see from the pictures he is in a 32litre rub. Excellent snake doing everything he supposed too.
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    I am selling my lovely female BCI. She sheds very well, poos regularly and is on large rats once a week. Handled often (will give a hiss if she's in shed obviously). Roughly 4 foot long and she has some lovely pastel pink blushing around the side of her head (which does not show in the pics...
  5. Snake Pictures
    Not great pics as it was inside and with my crappy ipad camera will try and get some better ones when she settles in.You cant really see her coulors.
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    5.5-6Ft Female Common Boa Constrictor for sale in Birmingham. 07 or 08 not quite sure, good with other snakes, would make a good breeder soon. £65 No Offers. P.S Pictures can be PM'd if required. No time wasters please.
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    What is the best rule of thumb to safely handle large constrictors. I have seen people say that they do not handle snakes over 6 foot by themselves but I cannot personally see a way a snake at 6 foot could cause me any fatal harm. Both my snakes are over 6 foot, my Boa jut over 6 foot and my...
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    was going to keep this one as she has some really nice colours, lots of pinks and reds but now up for sale very healthy and tame growing well also she is 50% het kahl albino call if you need any more info 07578300808 john
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    My daughter is a fully capable 12 year old who now has 2 snakes and 2 lizards. I was wondering could she possible get a BCI boa? She has done her research and is working on getting the money.
1-9 of 9 Results