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    1.1 CB Hypo Salmon Boas Approx 10 years old Approx 2-2.5 meters Approx 10 kg Will consider a deal if the buyer buys both together. Happy to send photos via email or Whatsapp, as file sizes are too large to upload here.:bash: Currently, in a 6X4X2 foot Viv (split) This has been well used, so...
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    Pairing was unrelated Nicaraguan motley het T+ X Nicaraguan T+. Based in the UK. Available I have.. Motley T+ (£145) T+ (£100) Motley het T+ (£90) Common het T+ (£50)
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    I have the following baby and older boas available. Cb18 Paraglows £175 Hypo 100% het sharp albino £50 Hypo Motley parahet £85 Hypo parahet £60 Cb17 1.2 T+ 66% het blood (1 female is t+ motley 66% het blood) £400 trio, may split 1.0 super hypo jungle £100 0.1 hypo (stripe line) 50% het BEA...
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    Hello, What would be the ideal setup for adult breeding boas? As far as cage dimensions, and furnishings on the inside. I would need 8 of these setups, so stacked would be preferable - but I want what is best for the snakes. Thanks, Drew
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    I plan on eventually getting a Boa constrictor (just have to buy a house first). A big dream. I have experience keeping Ball Pythons and Corn Snakes. An obvious difference between those two is that a Corn Snake is always on the move, never sitting still for long, while a Ball Python you can...
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    Roughly 3 Years old Eats, poops and sheds perfectly On medium rats Any questions just ask
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    Hello The adult female was born in 2012, she weights 2.5kg right now. This year she was paired with Leopard male so the babies are 100% het Leopard T+ Price for her is 300 pounds. The babies are for 180 pounds/one or 320 for pair. Pickup possible at 09.09.2017 Hamm Pictures here: Galeria...
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    I have available this beautiful female. CB16, Feeding, shedding etc as she should. Selling to make space for some other projects. Listed at £1500 to comply with RFUK Rules, but will take a lower offer as long as it is reasonable. Ive seen just arctic's that're cb17 for a higher price than this...
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    Reduced from £200. Hi everyone, I have my beautiful 2010 normal PROVEN 100% double het sharp and type 1 anery. She gave me a litter in July last year after being paired with a Anery type 1 100% het sharp albino male (also for sale, look at my other ads), which included aneries, snows and sharps...
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    Due to my mum's continued ill health, I have to reduce my husbandry commitments, so reluctant sale of my adult female Dumeril Boa (Acrantophis dumerili). She was captive bred in Holland in 2009, is chipped and comes with her A10 CITES paperwork. Feeds every time on defrost adult rats. Of the...
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    Hi all Does anyone have contacts for good boa breeders in the uk. I have already pm'd sharpman and ian kerr. Thanks Tom
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    So I'm planning to get a boa constrictor, a common boa that is, as I have had my little corn for nearly 2 years now. I have almost everything planned except for heating. With my corn, I use an under tank heater in his viv which is fine for him, though I am planning on adding a second heat...
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    She is approximately 7 months old and just under 3ft long, great temperament and good to handle. Feeding well on d/f rat weaners and doing everything she should be. Genuine enquiries welcome and collection only. Please send me a private message if interested.
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    I have available the following adult boa constrictors. All should be able to breed this year given the correct feeding and conditioning in run up to the upcoming season. Females: Anery £125 Proven Hypo het Anery parahet £125 Pastel Jungle £125 Proven Hypo DH Kahl Sunglow £125 Male...
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    I have this lovely female Red Pastel Arabesque boa available. shes a cb14 i was keeping but sadly breeding plans for the upcoming season are forcing this sale. Apparently you can have too many arabesques and keltics etc. Pictures dont do the red pastel part of her justice. I can deliver...
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    I have this lovely female CB15 Hypo Keltic Het Anery boa available. Shes eating large mice weekly and starting to tank on some real size now. Docile animal ready for a new home. I can deliver, deliver to doncaster show or alternatively courier. Graz
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    I urgently need to re-home my BCC because my new tenancy agreement doesn't permit :gasp: Boa = £75. Boa + vivarium = £200. Offers accepted, read further for details. For sale: >Boa Constrictor: - 5 yr old - ~7/8 foot long (haven't kept a recent shed to measure) - it was last weighed...
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    Hey I have for offer Boa constrictor occidentalis, male about 6kg, CB12, microchip and cites. price: 250 pounds - firm Only possible pickup is at Terraristika Hamm show, June 4 in Germany. Contact me at: [email protected] or pm. Pics: (click on them to see bigger size)
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    Hi everyone, I have three snakes for sale: Firstly a 2010 pair of anery boas, both are good eaters. The male looks a bit skinny, because he is still recovering from having mites (all mites are clear) Then I have a 2012 male hypo for sale as well, he is a good eater as well. I am selling...
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    Female boa is around 6-7 foot and comes with 4 foot long, 2 wide and 2 high viv with heater fitted. the snake can be viv defensive at times but once out she is fine
1-20 of 307 Results