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    For sale selection of Dumerills boas lge at £150 ea Mediums at £120 ea. All with papers european origin beautiful specimens a number to choose from both sexes . reasonable bids on buying a few.
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    Hi All, I am very pleased to announce that we our freedom breeder's official UK distributor the guys have been great and currently have all racks and equipment wired to UK and European regulations so finally now we will all have access to their FANTASTIC products. Orders can be placed through...
  3. Snakes
    We where very happy with this world 1st soul sucker spider when it came out a lot better looking than we thought it would what do you all think best wishes
  4. Snakes
    hi boys and girls. im thinking of moving to boa constrictors. if some one could help me with the genes that are available and a price guide of morphs of co-dominant and dominant over £800. also a breeding instructions, thanks people,
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    I have for sale a 2 year old male Brazilian Rainbow Boa. It comes complete with full humid set up, viv, heatlamp, stat, humidity control, heatmat, 2 hides etc. Worth well over £350 as the snake alone will cost you £180 in any pet shop. He's eating and shedding fine I usually feed him a medium...
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    First, A warm hello from the other side of the pond,over here in Canada: victory: We had our first litter of the 2012 season Sunday night. It was a pretty a decent litter, with good numbers and healthy robust babies. From the way mom had been carrying over the past months, I would have bet...
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    Hello im Pascal, keeping venomous snakes, constrictors, caiman, several dragons arachnids and amphibians. Hope to learn alot here and maybe be of help to others and generally have a good time. :2thumb:
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    our shipment arrived today so thought id stick a few pics up to show people they will all be available once they ahve settled in and had several feeds no prices yet but we will be doing payment plans :2thumb: some ghosts and super ghosts guyannan red tails...
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    There's only one place in the USA where it is possible for Burmese Pythons to survive....the Florida Everglades. - I wounder why their pathetic Government insists on banning pythons because they are "a danger to the public" when a good 30% of American reptile keepers keep venomous snakes. Its...
1-9 of 9 Results