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    I have available the following selection of boas. Boa constrictors: Cb15 VPI Pink Panther £600 Cb12 Kahl albino square tail breedable male £400 Cb12 motley proven female £150 Cb15 Nicaraguan het t+ £40 Cb15 T+ Nic £80 Cb15 Motley Nic het T+ £65 Cb15 Hypo Motley Nic het T+ £85 Cb15 Motley Nic T+...
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    Hey, I'm a little confused about my Boa. The last few weeks he's become really really moody. If i try and pick him up he opens his mouth really wide and hisses. He has never struck, but i leave him alone after that coz i don't really want a bite off him, he isn't a baby, he's easily at least 5...
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    Hi, New to boas, are BCI's the same as a common boa,,, Regards Gemma
1-3 of 3 Results