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  1. Snake Pictures
    All I seem to see these days so thought id go into pure breeding, unrelated bloodlines!! Believe it or not these animals still do exist!!
  2. Shop Classifieds
    Coast to Coast Exotics, 124 North Road, Darlington, County Durham, DL1 2EJ. TEL; 01325 283756. E-MAIL; [email protected] Coast to Coast Exotics Lots of new species this month, as ever some animals do sell quickly so please remember to contact the shop to check availabilities! If there...
  3. Snakes
    Anyone has any experience with these boas? Looking for a amazon basin emerald wanted to know how they behave temperment in general and the prices of juveniles.
  4. Snake Classifieds
    My last trio of Adult Amazon Tree Boas, Corallus Hortulanus £350 Orange/Red Male has a white mark (see pics) which he had when I got him. Orange/Red Female "Sekhmet" Garden Female with the most amazing gold eyes "Phoenix" All feed very well on defrost and handleable. Collection by...
  5. Snake Classifieds
    I will have a table at the upcoming December Hamm show. It will be in the venomous room, but nonetheless, I will be bringing my ATB (Corallus hortulanus) babies in there as well. You can also make reservations ahead of time if you're attending and are interested in anything you see in the link...
  6. Snake Classifieds
    Captive bred Corallus ruschenbergeri available soon. They were born on September 30th. All of them have shed in the last few days, but haven't fed yet. As soon as they have had a few meals they will be available for sale. Contact me if you'd like to reseve one or more, or if you have any...
  7. Snake Classifieds
    Two last last male emerald tree boas for sale, my own CB2011 born in October, feeding really well on defrost or freshly killed mice or rats 1000 euros/800 UK pounds each
  8. Snake Pictures
    Well been looking around for ages for one of these and then out the blue got a very kind pm and hey presto here she is... :2thumb: heres some quick shakey one handed pics of a wobbly snake on the end of a hook... i will get some better pics on a more stable setup done soon... : victory: but...
  9. Snake Classifieds
    For the Houten show this weekend 3 male Amazon tree boas CB October 2011 1000 Euros each eating (defrost mice and rats), pooing and shedding perfectly
  10. Snake Classifieds
    Advertising on behalf of a friend, Poss 1.0.0 Amazon Tree Boa, Corallus hortulanus. He is a garden phase and is roughly 4ft. An absoloutely beautiful snake, I'd snap him up instantly if I had the space! He comes complete with his setup shown in the pictures. This comes with decor, heat mat...
  11. Snake Classifieds
    I have 4 unsexed Amazon Tree Boas for sale, born 1st October 2011. All are feeding on defrost and shedding and growing well. Looking for £60 each OBO for these, discounts given for buying in multiples. All are shedding and growing well, and feeding on defrost pinks/small fuzzies. And some...
  12. Snake Classifieds
    I'll have for sale in Hamm (December 10th) some Amazon Basin Tree boas. They were born in September and are just going through their second shed. All are excellent feeders, just hold something warm in front of them and off they go. Couriers at your own risk, I prefer pick up by the buyer in...
  13. Snake Classifieds
    1 left for sale Born 20.1.11 Orange/yellow with black markings Fed 5 times now £85 swaps considered why pics on my previous thread number 3 is the snake left for sale
  14. Snake Classifieds
    Amazon tree boas x7 born 20.1.2011 good sized chunky babies. Available when feeding well. Pictures up soon pm if interested. 6 Yellow/Orange some with markings some less so £75-£95 depending on colour/markings. 1 Grey with orange highlights (these will fade) £55 swaps considered, try me...
  15. Snake Classifieds
    3-4ft garden phase Amazon tree boa. £70 Perfect condition, nails defrost mice everytime
  16. Snake Classifieds
    Just wondering if anyone has any babies for sale or knows of any going for a good price. And yes, i've got experience with them and have done plenty of research, i'm fully prepared to take a few more bites :2thumb:
1-16 of 17 Results