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  1. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi all Where do you all get your cork and wood from for your reptiles online? I'm not a fan of ordering this stuff online as it's really just down to luck but don't have a choice. The nearest reptile shop is about 45 mins drive and they're way overpriced. The best place I've found so far is...
  2. Invert Classifieds
    Tarantulas and decor for sale: Females: Ceratogyrus darlingi adult £35 Hysterocrates laticeps adult £25 Psalmopoeus reduncus sub-adult £25 Tapinauchenius sanctivincenti adult £50 Males: Monocentropus balfouri adult £25 Slings: Hysterocrates laticeps 2cm £5 Pterinochilus murinus RCF 2cm £5...
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    I looking for cork bark for vivarium. Anyone selling any or know of best place to buy at reasonable price? Thanks in advance
  4. Invert Classifieds
    Updated 23/11 Size = Legs span Females: Ceratogyrus darlingi adult £35 Cyriocosmus elegans adult/sub adult £35 Cyriocosmus perezmilesi adult/sub adult £35 Holothele sp. Colombia Bumblebee adult £80 Hysterocrates laticeps adult £35 Nhandu chromatus sub adult £30 Poecilotheria smithi 7-8cm £30...
  5. Equipment Classifieds
    ***LAST EXO TERRA SETUP LEFT*** Picture with price on my website Jo's Zoo | For Sale 1x 45x45x60 Exo Terra with ALL decorations as pictured. ----------------------------------------------------------------- I also have various sized branches and cork for sale, pictures and prices on my...
  6. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi everyone. I'm setting up a bioactive viv and after a rather nerve wracking incident with the background in the exo terra (Gecko got behind it still not sure where either) I've decided I want to put a lining in the next one I do. All the cork lining I've seen is self adhesive which I'm...
  7. Equipment Classifieds
    ***EXO TERRA SETUPS*** ***OFFERS ACCEPTED*** Pictures with prices on my website Jo's Zoo | For Sale 4x 45x45x60 Exo Terras + 3x 60x45x60 Exo Terras with ALL decorations as pictured. I also have various sized branches and cork for sale, pictures and prices on my Facebook page...
  8. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi, I'm selling this Exo Terra 45cm cube and canopy there is a slight crack in the glass on the left door at the top but it's hardly noticeable. I have fitted it with a zoo med cork background which I think looks very realistic and much better than the naff polystyrene one it usually comes with...
  9. Equipment Classifieds
    various pieces for sale. £5 - £10 each. Thanx
  10. Equipment Classifieds
    Two big cork bark tubes for sale, just under 90cm long each £10 each Collection from Brockworth in Gloucester these are going to be too big and bulky to send in the post any other questions please ask
  11. Equipment Classifieds
    Brand new, happy to ship or can be collected from Leeds. Price is £15 if collecting or £20 if posted (UK only). Tube is 24 in long and 6 in high.
  12. Equipment Classifieds
    I have for sale a sack of cork wood and a few other bits, I bought this a while ago and ain't got round to using it. its been stored in a big royal mail sack and I've decided to sell it. I want to sell the whole lot in 1 go for £40 but may sell pieces separately if this whole lot aint sold...
  13. Equipment Classifieds
    Due to housemove I have the following for sale. Collection only from Thornton Heath CR7. Big heavy piece of brown bark £10 Big long piece of cork bark £5 Large piece of bamboo bark £10 Very big Exo Terra plastic plant £10 Exo Terra bowl £2 Bag of bark £1 Or take the lot for £30 all...
  14. Habitat
    Picking up my glass for my VTO viv today and thought I had better start getting some decoration and stuff, anyone know where I can get some cheap cork for hides and cork tubes? Thanks Rob
  15. Equipment Classifieds
    I have about 35 different pieces of cork. All different shapes and sizes. Couple of them are tubular and would make awesome hides. Some small pieces, some medium and some big Happy to post. I will try keep costs down as low as possible. Too many photos to post on rfuk but I have photos up...
  16. Habitat
    I was wondering if anyone had used these or had any opinions. For 5 quid + postage you could do a back to a smaller viv or use for a cork mosaic. these Or these
  17. Equipment Classifieds
    Hey everyone, I'm on the lookout for some cork bark pieces, all sizes considered but hoping to find some medium/large pieces around. Looked on eBay and found a few, seeing if anybody on here is selling any pieces? : victory: Will pay via PayPal for any decent sized cork bark Pm me with any...
  18. Equipment Classifieds
    Hey has anyone got any second hand cork wood, drift wood etc Exo terra feed dishes all sizes, hides all sizes, vines and fake plants etc anything like that for sale in the bolton/manchester area, job lots would be great, thanks.
1-18 of 53 Results