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corn feeding
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    Hi. Im after some help. i have a female corn that wont eat. she is around 3ft long. sine a have had her she has had 10 succesful feeds on small mice. but she has now had 3 failed feeds. all 3 she has shown no interest. she shed on 20/09/12. The temps are 85 on the hot side and 73 on the cold...
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    Got some photos of my little corn, Iggy, feeding: Gemma
  3. Snakes
    I have been searching for help for a very long while now Regarding my albino corn snake pinky. I am so hoping for someone to give me advice XD Any advice will do! Okay so here is my problem. Currently My snake has grown a bit and I wonder if I am feeding him to little. I feed him Two Fuzzy...
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    This is my new hatchling amel striped corns first feed with me :) :2thumb:
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    I have a corn born on 29/9/11 a couple of feeds back i noticed a pinkie wasn't really showing so a few days ago i was advised to try 2 pinkies which he ate no problems. If he would eat 2 then move upto a fuzzie. I have looked at the fuzzie and i am unsure if he would be able to eat something of...
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    I picked my first corn up at Donny and tonight I gave him his first feed. I removed him from his home into a RUB and swung the pinkie to him and he was on it like a shot. Within a minute it was gone. I have never seen a snake feed before apart from on tele I was amazed didn't think he was going...
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    I had noticed the last few feeds that my corn didn't seem full after her weekly fuzzy. She missed last week through shedding so last night thought I'd try moving her up. The small mouse was gone in record time very pleased!!! :2thumb:
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    Roughly what age should you be thinking of moving a young corn onto small mice from fuzzies??? Mine is 6 months now, aprrox. 22" and about as thick as an index finger is she still abit young for small mice??? Cheers, Martin
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    Hi Two weeks ago I swapped my 10month old corn over from 3 pinkies to one fuzzy a week. I then noticed that she was still hungry, so I gave her another fuzzy after 5 days, she ate it. I left her for 48hrs, then when I got her out tonight she pooed all over the wife lol. Do you think this is too...
  10. Snake Pictures
    just thought i'd share a few pics of my corns that i took whilst feeding them today. Pics aren't the best as from my phone camera but hey... confirmation on morphs is also welcome as im useless with telling morphs so i only have sellers say so ;) heres scroobius my amel male think he's mid '09...
1-10 of 10 Results