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corn island
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    Pure corn island boas, pairing was an unrelated pair , male's from Rio bravo, female from H. Stockll,15 hatchlings, no still or slugs all feeding well on defrosted rat pups (5 min), shedding well (at least 2) and gaining weight. Collection from Belfast or I have a Doncaster table, I can deliver...
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    as stated. female corn island boa prefrebly sub adult/adult. thanks. Carl
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    hi, im looking to swap my male corn island boa, adult 4ft, 5yrs old. for either some form of dwarf boa's or corn snakes. please PM me with any questions, queries or offers as i dont ready my replies on the post. they will need to be morphs to bring it up to simliar value as this snake is very...
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    Anyone taking and Hog or Corn island Boas to Doncaster, drop me a pm with what your taking! Cheers
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    Hi guys finally have my python of choice now to turn my attention to my dwarf boa's serious replies only im after either a corn island boa (yes i know there rare) but i cant seem to find one anywhere or a honduran boa im not getting anywhere so if somebody knows anybody or can point me in...
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    Is anyone working with the above locales this year? I'm very interested in sourcing some cb11 babies... :2thumb:
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    hi can anyone tell me how there temperment is and how big they get and how easey they are to come buy and how they feed thanx.
1-7 of 7 Results