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corn morphs
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    I am having to downsize my collection so i have 5 snakes available, Courier to be arranged for and paid for by the buyer, Snakes must be paid for in full before courier collects them, 20% None Refundable deposit must be paid before any snake is put on hold, If snake/snakes are not collected...
  2. Snake Pictures
    6 year project hatched in 2013. Breeding was Ghost Diffused het. Charcoal, Stripe X Coral (Hypo) Snow het. Charcoal Stripe. There was Ghost, Platinum, Ghost Stripe & Platinum Stripe hatched in the clutch and all were easily distinguishable. Freshly hatched brother 7th July 2013: 15m old...
  3. Newbie Advice
    I was wondering if you can bread any morph with any morph I know they have to like each other but can you just put any old 2 corn snakes in a tank together or do differ t morphs not mix, I was thinking of breaking my gold dust motley with a blizzard is this possible? =/
  4. Snakes
    I was wondering if anyone knew of any site that has all of the corn morphs I'm interested to see what around from the most com to the rarest
  5. Snakes
    Hi, This corn has just arrived on my doorstep. He's called George (although I think he may be a she!) and was sold to his previous owner as an Orchid. I'm not a corn expert, but I would have thought she was an amel. What do the experts out there in RFUK land think? Hope those photos are OK.
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    hiya here i have some corn snakes for sale due to a downsize in my collection. all eat fine and some originally came from UK breeders Lexcorns and Procorns. i have the following morphs for sale... late CB11 female Zigzag Lavender ph hypo £50(lex corns) early CB12 female Amel het snow £30 late...
  7. Breeding
    Hello all so another season is here.. So here are our expected morphs so far.. Please have a look and contact me with any questions. Be patient for replies as it is a hobby...! Amel tessera Caramel tessera Butter tessera Striped tessera Caramel striped tessera Diffused tessera Fire tessera...
  8. Snakes
    hi all recently found myself behind all the gossip about the new corn morphs and when i do find out about them, they've been around for ages :blush: so to keep up with all the top breeders out there what are the newest and grooviest morphs out there in the market?
  9. Snakes
    Neither of my snakes are yet old enough, however once they are i intend to try and breed them out of interest is anybody able to tell me what i am likely to produce from a male reverse oketee and a female candy cane?
  10. Snakes
    HI i need to know the morph of my corns as they ae going to be breeding and also if anyone would be able to tell me what i could expect from them when she lays? Reptile Forums - hayleigh's Album: Whats the morphs of these corns?
  11. Snakes
    Hi just deciding which to breed together next season Females butter stripe snow males aztec ghost blizzard root beer advise please cheers
  12. Snakes
    hi all my wife is looking to get a snow corn this week,just wondering if you guys good help me out by telling me what sort of price she'd be looking at? thanks
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    I have 1.1 anery corns, but wait for it, not just anery, these are het stripe, het hypo, het bloodred, het lavender, and poss het amel. Both feeding well, 2011. This is what you can do, Phenotype: 81 / 256 Anery 66% poss het. Lavender, Diffused, Stripe, Hypo 27 / 256 Anery, Stripe 66%...
  14. Genetics
    hey ive been looking on the internet and i wonder what natural colours of corn snakes you would find in the wild are? can anyone plz list what morphs are natural to corns in the wild as i just want to breed the colours nature has made many thanks
  15. Snakes
    Hey, I'm new to snakes having bought my first only a couple of months back, but of course I'm hooked. Samui (the Lampropeltis triangulum sinaloae) is coming along really well. Amazing how fast he's grown and although he's a zippy little thing, seems to handle well. Now... he'd like a brother...
  16. Snakes
    What would i need to breed to these to get any nice morphs? Male Blizzard Male normal het Anery, Amel Female Amel (het unknown) Female Amel het Anery
  17. Genetics
    friends looking into breeding corns possible breeding snakes males: anery, amel, normal females: amelx2, snow what would be the best breeding combinations and the offspring from them? I've tried a calculator but am completely lost with the genetics. Unsure of any hets or underlying genetics...
  18. Snake Classifieds
    I Have the following corn snake morph pair for sale. Both are feeding well, have superb temperaments and are handled regularly 2010 Female Fire het Anery ph Caramel - £50.00 2010 Male Amel Stripe het anery, diffused - £30.00 If paired together they will produce Amel het Diffused, Stripe 66%...
  19. Snakes
    hi guys, can anyone name all 6 morphs correctly??? 1. 2. 3.
  20. Snake Classifieds
    Top class and proven. The following snakes have produced really nice snakes this year. For those wanting pics, I'll have them done over the weekend. Plasma het hypo pair, proven this year, £400. Hypo Bloodred het lavender female, corn proven £200 Hypo bloodred het lavender, het anery, female...
1-20 of 24 Results