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corn snake breeding pair
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    Male amel and normal female corn snakes, 2 year old, do everything they should
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    Complete Breeding Set Up::welcome: ?year male "High White" Amel (or various other descriptions- you look, you choose). Excellent strike feeder large mice. length: 135cm wt: 704g ?year female "Ghost"/Anethyristic Excellent strike feeder large mice. length 120cm wt: 474g Both acquired as adults so...
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    :welcome:Complete breeding set up 05 Amel female: length 110cm wt 402g great strike feeder and stunning colours.large mice. 05 Normal male: length 120+cm wt 648g Son's first snake. Absolutely useless, has to fall over food and remember to eat it... but always does.Large mice. Both easy to handle...
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    im looking for a 6 - 8 month old bearded dragon willing to swap my breeding pair or corns ive uploaded pics msg me or reply : victory:
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    i have two corn snakes for sale ive had 2 batchs of eggs off them both eating well very tame will fink about a swop for bearded dragon £80 ono msg me for more info or pics
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    2008 1.1 Pair Ultramel het Anery breeding project. Both feed & shed fine, lovely snakes but can be a bit jumpy but will be fine with a bit more handling. Only selling as i need to downsize my collection to a more manageable number. Nice breeding project for next year, will produce ultra...
1-6 of 6 Results