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corn snake id
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    first sorry about the horrible pics, i can use my digital camera if they look really horrible lol. so found this little guy and need help with the morph, im gonna guess dilute or diffused anery? the belly is solid white, not pink like the pic makes it look...any guesses? if the pics suck just...
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    Hi folks, I know very little about corn snakes but I wondered if someone could just confirm what I already think about these 3 babies my pair produced. The father is an Okeetee obviously het for albino, and the mother is an albino, I can see the one baby is an albino, but the other two look...
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    I bought this little chap from pets at home (I know not the best place but I fell in love) Anyway his name is steve and he was sold as a carolina. I found a bit of paper with him that said cubed? But when I look at carolina/normal hatchlings he looks a different colour and he has no black on...
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    Hey everyone. Anyone who's spoken to me in my last few threads know I'v only just got my first snake. Had her for around 3-4 weeks now and she's growing like an absoloute weed. Her brown is a lot darker than a lot of ghost corns I'v seen and I saw a picture the other day of a snake which looks...
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    Hey guys, I've just picked up two new corns, they were dumped at a local petshop. I think the first(Arthur) is just a normal, but is the second (Milo) a reverse Okeetees or just a normal Amel? Can't believe someone wouldn't want these beautiful boys :) Arthur: Milo:
1-5 of 5 Results