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corn snake morph
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    I’m very new to breeding and was wondering what the outcome of this corn snake pairing would be. I understand that nothing is clear until future breeding trials but I’m trying to understand percentages and genetics better for my personal education if anyone can help me out please.
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    Hey there guys, Hopefully you can help me, I'm trying to find out what my lovely male corn is. I've been told he's different things he was sold to me as a candy cane but I can't see it he's too orange. Someone else has told me he's a high white Amel. Don't know who's right. Thanks...
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    what morph if any would you all recon this is ? 2013-08-06 19.19.08 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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    Hi guys, I'd just like a few opinions on if you think my lovely 9 month old is a normal snow or a strawberry snow! Thanks :2thumb: A few people have said she might be bubblegum snow or strawberry snow, but I'm not sure She just pooped on me while I was writing this and is now moping around...
  5. Snakes Can anyone...
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    i took a few photos of my bubblegum snow vanishing stripe corn snake. she a female born in july 2012. just had to show you guys this cute little pearl..
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    Hi all So far this week this male has been several different morphs. The more I research the more I keep changing my mid so would love someone elses opinion :2thumb:
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    Hi Due To Personal Circumstances I MAY Have To Sell My Collection, This Is A Very Reluctant Sale As It Has Taken Me Ages To EsTablish And Get All Of The Snakes I Want.. And I Am Very Connected To Them, If An Alternative Comes Up In The Mean Time These Will Not Be Going Any Where So Be Quick...
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    Can someone ID what morph this corn snake is??? So far iv been told; anery, caramel, poor ghost or even ghost het bloodred No idea what the genetics of the parents is Many thanks Hope the pics arent too bad
  10. Genetics
    im was pretty sure this is an amel but im starting to doubt that now though i think its something similar i need someones help identify it hes got hardly any white on him and is very bright his underside is white with orange specks anyway here are the pics of him sorry for the bad pics...
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    To all you corn snake people out there, I have a question... How do you tell the difference between an Amelanistic Stripe corn and an Ultramel Stripe? Is there some specific characteristic to look for, or is it just a matter of knowing the genetics behind the animal?
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    Hey everyone...newbie here... I have just got a corn snake and would just like a bit of knowledge. I am wondering what morph you think my snake could be...I bought him from a known reptile shop in Wigan - Appleton Exotics - They had on the container that it was a snow corn but he looks very...
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    Hey guys, my friend has offered me a free corn snake. I have everything mostly set up but i'm not going to pick him up until everything is up and running smoothly. Here he/she is! I was wondering if you guys could tell me what kinda morph he/she is? (sorry I know it's a lame picture- I...
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    the pics are in my profile pics aint great tho,morph also someone wants to buy this snake but i dont no a price to suggest any help would be great,thanks morph
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    this is my new corn snake no idea what the morph is neither did the guy i bought him from. his bright orange on the bottom and really orange on the side.:notworthy:
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    Right so, we bought an adult female corn supposed to be creamiscle, but ive just seen a baby reverse okeetee corn snake and it looks like the babies we've just had of this supposed creamsicle female, who was paired with a male snow, so could any tell me what the morph of these snakes actually...
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    hi does anyone know anyone that might have some fire stripe or bloodred stripe corns this year or where i might be able to get one
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    hello just got my first snake sunday from the ERAC show so far loving it, never held or touched a snake before and he loves wrapping his self round my hand really enjoying it. heres a picture of him: George the snake can someone tell me what morph he is i know hes a amel but he looks a bit...
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    Was brought as a super hypo ghost, but read after buying him there is no such thing lol!! He's got the motley belly. But is he anything other than a ghost motley?? As never seen anything like him [:)]
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    what will i get from an amel x arney paring? thank you
1-20 of 27 Results