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corn snake problem
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    My adult corn snake has been more active than usual. He's in a 70 gallon glass show tank (custom made) habit, inside his glass habit temperature is 80.4 with humidity at 29%. The last 48 hours he's been usually active. Constantly on the move, stretching his self all the way to the top of...
  2. Snakes
    So for the last 4 weeks my sons corn snake has had problems. It started when he was fed, he never finished feeding, regurgitate his weenier rat and thrashed around the viv as in pain, then was left hardly breathing. We gathered him up, cleared any substrate from his mouth but was really...
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    he looks to be struggling to breathe, all weak and head keeps slopping to side, weak and not eaten in weeks, kept regurging but set up is fine , dont nkow what else to do . need some help..
  4. Snakes
    my corn snake is about 6 months old but ive had him for about 3 months. in the 12 weeks hes only shed once. i feed him on 2 pinkies per week for the last 3 weeks. i thought maybe he was a little cramped in in a 9 litre rub so i movied him to a 33 L rub but i put about 6 hides in it, a...
1-4 of 4 Results