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corn snake + viv
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    Hello I've just got a corn snake last week and I'm so struggled about a few things cos I cannot find any answers online!! First of all is about setting up my uth. Is it necessary for me to put those little feet in the package to lift my tank up? I've got a thermostat already and Idk if that can...
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    Hi! Due to the fact I'm sadly now in a residential college, I don't live at home anymore, so I can't give my baby the attention or care he deserves. I'm happy for someone to take him, his viv and all his stuff as long as he goes to a good home. He's a three year old corn snake who's...
  3. Snakes
    my hatchling corn which is now around 3 weeks old and hasn't eaten since last Thursday(when he was in the shop) and i got him on the Saturday. I tried to feed him half a cut up pinky as he is small on Monday and then tried a whole one on the advice of someone on here yesterday. but he doesn't...
  4. Rehoming Classifieds
    Have for sale my male charcoal 7/8 year old corn snake 5ft long. Only for sale as I do not have enough time to handle him. Handles, eats and sheds great. Comes with 4ft viv and all accessories. Will only sell to someone who can guarantee that he will be handled more than twice a week. Open to...
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    For sale here is a very nice ghost corn around 4 foot long, excellent feeder and shedder and dog tame, to go with a nearly new viv exotic vx36 setup in walnut. Cheers Rich
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    Hi there for sale we have our Corn Snake Sid which was bred by Layla who is on here,He will be 3 18th of august this year. He is 680g and roughly 4ft long. He eats and poops fine and sheds good. He has a jumbo mouse weekly and always strikes. He comes with a 3ft vivexotic viv(no stand) heat mat...
1-6 of 6 Results