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corns 4 sale
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    I have 2 corns about a year and a half old now. Female is a Candy Cane and Male is a Creamsicle. I have not handled them for a few months and the male has become quite aggressive, they both Feed really well. I am looking to do one of 2 things either sell them to someone that is experienced in...
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    hi all i have three corns for sale female avalanche 09 [cornmorphs] het hypo caramel pos het lavender pic 1 £85 female crimson 09 £60 no known hets pic 2 male annery 09 £40 no known hets pic3
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    male and female corns orange and white markings 5years ish. have been told breed in passed. personal situation change no long able to keep them both great love being handled and eat very well apart form male when he shedding he will not eat. can send picture via text as upload not working.
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    hello first up i have my pair of amels. £80 for the pair, or £50 each sex: female age: 1 year 3 weeks (was born early januery 2010) weight: 246G set up: 33l rub, live food tub convertid into hide (witch shes had sins she hatched, exo terra water bowl. sex: male age: 10months and a...
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    hello does anyone know any good corn snake breeder near southampton ?
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    i have a snow hatchling for sale its is around 6month old , eats poos sheds fine and does come with its rub and a hide. It is a nice snake loves being out and handled. only reason for selling is that i am moveing away from corns. I would put up a picture but this site is playing games with...
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    I have 1 male and 2 females for sale. The male is 5 years old and is anertheristic (silver and brown) he is 5 1/2 ft long and is very very tame, he never hisses and is easy to handle even when shedding. The first female is 4 years old and is butter/caramel in colour, she is 5 ft long and again...
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    Hi folks due to a change in my circumstances I'm having to reduce my collection so I have the following for sale; MALES; 07 Normal het lavender,Annery,Amel,and motley 598g,80 pounds FEMALES; 08 Opal 324g,80 pounds 08 Hypo Lavender 360 g,80 pounds 07 Serpenco Lavender Motley 409g,80 pounds 08...
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    we have a 3ft stacker viv which has one viv built in, room for another 3ft one under that and also a cupboard at the bottom, we also have a 3ft viv,and 6 corn snakes 3 males and 3 females ranging from 2 year olds to 10 year olds all for only £280 or nearest offer and we will throw in a...
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    I Have for sale some baby corn snakes Normals £15 Amels £20 Anerys £20 sexes unknown sorry open to swaps also thanks Jason
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    quick sale needed got three 2 yrs or so corns for sale and a breeding pair that comes with black ash viv only yr old all snakes very tame and eat well pvt mess for prices
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    all 2010 hatchlings amel stripe £30 creamsicles £20 each amels £15 each a deposit will hold for doncaster ihs.or i may deliver locally for costs.
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    hi all ive got a breeding pair of normal breed corn snakes for sale the male is 5 years old he is a dark orange in colour.ive had him sine a new born he is verry tame and a good breeder.the female is 4 years old she is all so a proven breeder and she is all so tame she is a dark brown and slight...
21-33 of 33 Results